Introducing Ink Boarding!

Quick post since we’re busy with Eastery things! I’ll probably come back later and flesh the post out a bit.


Think of ink Boarding as a mix of World 3 swimming, Fancy Snowboarding, and Mirror’s Edge 2D wall running.

Let me know how it looks!

– Brad

P.S. Have a Happy Easter!


  1. Brad

    You have full 360 degree control over the board, or do you mean the speed?

    Lots of crazy things I can do with the mechanic, the walls don’t have to be that simple 😎

    • FancyMan16

      Yo Brad! First off, I’m loving the new mechanics and stuff for world 4. But I have a couple of nagging questions I just couldn’t get off my mind. Whatever happened to Cutie Pants as a playable character? and Will there ever be other playable characters? Sorry if its a bit off topic but I just wanted to know because I’m a huge supporter of your series! 🙂 🙂

  2. Roxy868

    hey brad on the ssb4 website u can request characters for the game now!!!!!

    personally im requesting Fancy Pants Man 😀 i thik that with the votes and if you contact nintendo (some how) he could join the roster! then again if u dont want fpm to join its ok… but it would be AMAZING if he did! ive wanted him in ever since brawl came out

    • fpaftw

      There probably won’t be enough people for that to happen, sadly.

      But hey, why have fpm in smash when you can have smash in fpa? It’s already in the fancy box! 🙂

      • fpaftw

        Oh yeah, looking at the gif again that’s probably it. I know you control it with the arrow keys, I was just wondering how you initiated it.

        But wait! If you look at the sign in the previous gif ( you can see that clearly either only one character is offscreen or the second line of text is placed horribly off center! How could you do this Brad? 🙁

  3. Vick

    Looks cool, can’t wait to see how it’s implemented.

    Might I suggest a room of nothing but that to just play around with it, sort of a “Fancy Playground”?

  4. zgmeister

    wow brad you have made this game so much better. the last one was really cool with a few new moves and stuff but this 4th game is gonna have so much more and i love you for that. the animations are great and they look so cool. i cannot wait to play this. 😉

  5. Auad

    Damn, your mention of Mirror’s Edge brings me back memories.
    I loved the wall running there, it was probably one of my favorite things to do in that game, if not my favorite overall.
    Looking forward, Brad. FPA is a dream game. :woot:

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