Remix Bugs and Let’s Play popup bombing

I’m keeping the Remix and World 4 code bases unified, which means everyone gets gets to play any improvements to the core of the game sooner, but there’s also a good chance that I’ll end up breaking things in the Remix. Thankfully, TheEndExplorer helped make sure everything was ship-shaped for his let’s play, so I think you guys should check out his run though of the Remix:

I absolutely love watching other people play my games, especially when they can do a skilled run. Oh and I totally ruin his video at 10:25 because lololololololol 😎

One of my priorities for World 4 is to make it more fun to watch, so I hope to see even more let’s plays in the future!


  1. Marcelo1999

    Well, when the Moffa created a topic in the Forum on FPA World 4 for consoles something happened to the topic of it: I, AJ and Wizard started talking about Flash on his topic.

  2. zgmeister

    brad i think you should add mini games to the menu and the more you play the game the more you unlock them and maybe you could add a door for sketches of stuff in the game maybe cause i would love to see that!

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