Still here

Hey guys!

Totally know I’m not the one y’all want to hear from now since, well, I’m not Brad. I got a comment on my last post and realized we hadn’t had a post since AUGUST! Eeeegh!

In this case the lack of posts is a good thing because Brad is busy busy! What is he working on? We should be able to reveal that soon πŸ˜‰


stay tuned!


  1. Vick

    Good to hear from either of you, I always have the nagging thought that something bad happened whenever someone goes dark on anything online, glad to hear it wasn’t the case. Can’t wait to hear about whatever Brad’s working on.

  2. TheEndExplorer

    Yay, another post! I was getting a little worried there. πŸ˜›
    Can’t wait to see the project, I’m sure ’twill be awesome. πŸ˜€

  3. AJ32

    Can you please delete the spam threads in the BGF? Please take a look at the forums, and you’ll understand the problem…
    ICARAX hasn’t been online on Steam for quite a while now, so I wasn’t able to contact him and make him delete the threads. Looks like we don’t have any active mods anymore…

  4. KCYF

    The title of that post pretty much applies to me. I am practically “still here”, but my inactivity caused me to disappear off the face of the forums(and this site too).

    Glad to know there are still stuff coming up. Looking forward to it!

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