World 4, Cavey Goodness

We still haven’t been updating as much as we had hoped (totally my fault), but maybe this will make it up to you guys.

I’d like to present, the first ever official World 4 screenshot:

It's a cave, bro

What can I say, caves and The Fancy Pants Adventures go pretty hand in hand. I think World 4 will be much better at contextualizing level locations, though (I love the reason you end up there, but that’s a secret for now :X )

I’m still playing around with the style, I’ve always loved the old scribbly style of World 1 (hence the Remix), but you’ll be seeing more diversity this time around. I look forward to running some new styles by you guys, so stay tuned!

– Brad


  1. TheEndExplorer

    Hyyyype! Looks epic (although that IS partially because of the coloring– anything cyan-colored makes me giddy. Level 4 of the remix, as you can guess, was my favorite :P)
    The background is awesome looking! Really captures the underground atmosphere. I can almost feel the water droplets dripping off the stalactites… *shiver*

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