I Spy… Uh Oh…

Been working on a few new animations for World 4’s story. Want to see? 😀

Uh oh

…what could be out there?


  1. AJ32

    …what could be out there?

    A landscape completely covered in ink, caused by the eruption of a mysterious ink volcano, which is said to be located somewhere in the mountains north of Squiggleville?!

  2. angryplant

    I’m glad to see that Cutie Pants will have a role in world 4. She’s becoming more and more integral to the franchise with every game she’s in.

  3. Fancypantsmaster1

    Brad (or Fairly), explain to me what’s happening and why nothing’s happened over the last few weeks? (21 days? Really?) :angerz: :angerz: :angerz: :angerz: :angerz:

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