Fancy Pants Design: Combat

Let’s talk about some game design!

Fun fact, the last time I stuck my face in front of the camera was 7 years ago 😐

Apologies for being woefully out of practice at actually looking at a camera. What do you guys want to see next? Interested in seeing how everyone responds to videos about games that are already out instead of still being worked on…

Don’t worry, we’ll be seeing some new content too 😀


  1. offtopic

    Mad props on the mobile versions of SFPA coming out, Brad! Glad to see you doing reports again, I remember when I would refresh the site everyday hoping to see a new World 3 report and how unbearable the wait for World 3 felt. And it all lived up to the hype, and then some!

    I remember watching some video which said you wanted momentum to be a big theme for SFPA. It’d be awesome if you made a video all about the momentum and movement (really the core of fancy pants for me) and how it came to be so smooth and flawless. I remember on the forum somehwere a long time ago where you talked a bit about it and how you were enjoying tiny wings, which implements momentum in a really cool way. Another thing I really loved about the W1 Remix/SFPA engine was how light fancy pants man seemed now, how sliding off even a small ramp or a jump off a hill with momentum would give you awesome airtime and it made for a lot of fun just sliding and bouncing through levels endlessly. The combat is amazing too, and I’m really excited for where combat will go next, maybe with different types of melee weapons with their own pros/cons, a wide variety of ink guns, a diverse range of enemies. The hype for SUPER FANCY PANTS ADVENTURES: WORLD II is real!

  2. MansourHM22

    Quick questions Brad, For SFPA are you going to update the game because ever since I beat the ‘final boss’ and it said “to be continued…” I have been waiting for a new update for a long time. If you are working on it, why is it taking so long? If not, why have you not started? And are you ever going to port the game to console? It will be greatly appreciated if you reply to my questions as soon as possible! :fpm: :pants:


    • Brad

      I’ll be updating the game with a pretty good amount of content (check out the beta branch for ‘nightlies’ if you’re itching for something new), but the current plot will be continued in the next game. I’m sure you can imagine things will be shaken up quite a bit after that 😀

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