Anti-Anti-Skeuomorphism video rant

During the development of Super Fancy Pants, I just never had enough time to work on development videos, now that things are starting to settle down (wrapping up the Android build, woo!), I’d like to start up with some post-dev videos, especially since I’m still updating and adding things to the game (join the beta to get the latest builds!).

Figured I’d start off with the biggest design challenge for the mobile version: touch screen controls. It’s difficult to figure out the balance between keeping the controls out of the way, and giving players subconscious cues for button press-ability. I think I followed the anti-skeuomorphism trend a bit too far with the first release, so here’s a look at next update’s revised buttons.

I feel out of practice and the video might be terrible, but that’s just making me want to record another one soon, so there’s something (if I had a dollar for every time I said I wanted to post more videos…).

Anyways, anything you guys want to see? Tutorial style videos for the combat, movement, or guides for the more difficult challenges would be the obvious ones, let me know!


    • offtopic

      Same. Also completely unrelated but anyone else rewatch the last jedi? I unironically loved it. The visuals and soundtrack were awesome. The plot slightly dragged at the casino part but the ending totally made up for it. Hyped for infinity war now, it’s almost here +_+

  1. Boxingmarble

    WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! You guys finished the mobile version! I’ve been waiting it for years!!!!! I just saw it on the app store. I am going to buy it. πŸ™‚

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