Halo Reach – Review by FairlyObvious

I was waiting forever for this game, FOREVER! After the beta I was nearly frothing at the mouth to get the game. I loved the new voting system online and I was very happy with the new weapons. It felt in general like I had more control over what I was playing and the game in general. The beta definitely helped my shooting skills too.

So, off the beta, to the game.

Campaign mode, Brad and I played this together, of course . . . on Easy mode . . . kidding. If you fell for that then shame on you!

I will say this for the makers of the Halo franchise, whatever they are doing they are doing it right. I’ve never been a massive fan of first person shooters but they’ve managed to pull me into this world they’ve created. Not only that, but they’ve done the world right. I find that I have no issue with the way they’ve released the games and it seems they’ve even managed to avoid the whole “saturating the market” trend that’s been happening a lot lately. They’ve managed to release a good number of games while also putting together a quality storyline.

I have to admit though, I didn’t like the female character they threw in there. Her voice acting was a bit off for me. I love the whole idea of female spartans, although I kind of laughed at the way they make them walk. No woman in armor could walk like that, just to let you guys know.

I did like all the other characters, outside of the female character I did feel like they did a good job of helping you connect with your team.

The story . . . awesome. The gameplay . . . magnificent. I loved every part of it.

The new weapons are great. I like the new Elite weapons they’ve thrown in there. I approve.

Now, for the online gameplay. I have only one question . . .

What the HECK were they thinking with these STUPID MAPS?!?!

Seriously! I was all excited because the beta had the cool maps like Powerhouse and Swordbase, what the freak is this “atom” and “cage” bull?? And REFLECTION?! I feel like I’m reading names off a horrible children’s book! The maps are a nightmare, you’re basically wandering around in circles all the time. You see a person obviously in trouble, head towards their Tag and BAM a wall! Okay ummm take a right, a dead end? Wait there are some stairs . . . wait hold on no they don’t go anywhere . . . oh an elevator! *sword to face* THANK YOU!

And the good maps? I’m sure I’ll have to purchase those!



So, I will not say that we wasted money on Halo Reach. I will suggest you got out and buy it because despite the whole tragic map thing it is a GOOD game. I don’t feel like they went halfway on this, but I do feel that the $$ in their eyes made them stupid when it came to the maps.

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  • I agree on the map thing, and I really hate them for it! :x

    And yet, I promote them by buying the game, and I allmost play it as much as I played the Metroid Prime games when they just came out… And I played those games A LOT.

  • This is why a lot of the confidence for the gaming industry has disappeared. The image of game developers and publishers has changed, and now a lot of people view them as greedy.

    When you buy a movie, you don’t get charged extra to receive the special features. Then why the hell is this happening with video games.
    This is also the reason why Valve is epic. I recently bought the Orange Box (which is mad BTW, buy it if you don’t have it) and I love the TF2 micro-transactions system. While you can pay for items, you don’t have to buy them to get them. And what you can play isn’t decided buy how much you have spent.

    This is where a lot of mainstream developers are going badly wrong. They’ve segregated their community up and are making you buy stuff if you still want to play the game.
    Soon, after a short period of time free updates stop, and less people begin to play the game. This gives incentives for you to buy the next game in the series, which is basically the same, with a few added improvements. And if that had have been a Valve game, they would never have released a sequel so quickly.

    Team Fortress 2 is an amazing game. But I doubt there will be a TF3 for at least another 5 years. And they probably wont stop updating TF2 either. This is why TF2 is still selling strongly, while Modern Warfare, which was released a month afterwards, isn’t.

    TL;DR: Video game developers and publishers only care about something if it is green and folds.

    *End Rant*

    I quite liked Halo reach. It had the freshness that ODST seemed to lack, added in some nostalgia that Halo, IMO had been missing for a while now, and it also added a lot of new stuff that made the game brilliant.
    Essentially, Halo Reach should really be called Halo: Combat Evolved Evolved

  • As long as they give me good stuff to begin with I don’t mind purchasing other cool stuff to further my experience.

  • @wallross

    I agree, but a system with optional purchasable things that can also be earned in the game is pretty hard to make…


    Gotta agree with you on that one, too. But unfortunately, I’m on a really tight budget, so that wouldn’t work for me… :/

  • TheKomputerGeek

    “I was waiting forever for this game, FOREVER!”

    And, speaking of beta…


  • About Kat… She walks like that because of the armor. The armor senses muscle movement and elevates it.

  • The thing with DLC is, it should always be something extra to the game. Not something that feels like it should very well be in the game in the first place (first thing that comes to mind is the Prince of Persia ‘Purchase an ending’ DLC).

    Oh and DLC that is just a code to UNLOCK SOMETHING THAT IS ALREADY ON THE DISC is also a HUGE NO-NO.

  • Fairly will you ever do a PS3 review? If you guys don’t have one I can understand why you wouldn’t do a review but considering its the main console I play and regardless of what Brad said about vocal media having bias or whatever, I still hate IGN.

  • @Strenux – Thanks for pointing that out. I will.

    @liphttam1 – She still wouldn’t look like that when she walks. Especially since she’s a soldier.

  • Oh you mean the way bungie made her but look? Yeah, I assume no one would look like that ever. And I’m thankful for it.

    I have no idea why people are obsessed with things like that.

  • i persunally think the m,aps are to big theyre all sniping levels… i meen were did sandtrap go! how come thats not kool any more???!!! i just hate the fat that they think there going out with a big bang… too big

  • Miss Little Girl

    do you intend to do a reveiw on the new professor layton—pleeeaasse- i also heard there is going to be a movie!

  • Actually I play on it secretly from my parents!

  • i just have a regular play station and the only game we have on it is called “bugs bunny: lost in time”. the graphics are HORRIBLE but its still pretty fun. i have an idea! i could write a mini-review, right here, right now!

    …or not. :mrgreen:

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