Phew! Finally got that stupid snailshell to quit acting up. Yeah, it worked fine in the demo, but I completely recoded it, a few times…

It’s got a far larger part in World 2 than in the demo, so I had to completely change the physics to some custom code, instead of sharing code with Fancy Pants Man, like the baddies do.

SO… what’s up with the snailshell in World 2? Well, there’s an entire minigame within World 2 that revolves around the snailshell. I’m sure that makes World 2 the first Flash game to not only not be a minigame, but also contain an entire minigame that could probably stand on its own on the internet.

Kinda crazy, eh?


  1. Hawkaris

    Say… since it is going to be “an entire minigame that could probably stand on its own”, then why not release a demo-ized version for us to play around with? Well, except for the obvious fact that releasing your game one chunk at a time will lessen the glory of the final product once it is finally revealed to the world. But, other than that small detail, why not?

  2. Dannieman

    yay snail shells! and minigames! snailshell minigames! hope you don’t have to go back and recode too much stuff for all this to work.

  3. DrNeroCF

    Ego? I’ve released many games that aren’t as fun as the minigame in World 2. Saying that it would stand alone as a full Flash game isn’t exactly bragging…

  4. educkface

    wow, congrats anonymous! You just made the first rude post on this site. I am pretty sure that deserves a reward or something, it had to happen sooner or later. And with only 2 words that aren’t quoted, thats some talent right there 😮

  5. zymn

    cool. i love messing around with the shell in the demo. just running back and forth and kicking it all over the place…

    anyways it sounds like you are making a BIG World 2, eh?

  6. Zantier

    minigames… are the best thing ever!!! And the only thing to beat a minigame is a minigame within a minigame =D
    I’ve yet to see a minigame within a minigame within a minigame though lol xD. After that point…. the minigame containing it all would kinda start to struggle at staying mini =/

    Anyways!!! My point is I’m looking foward to you completing it. The demo was reeaally neat, and from the sounds of it, the actual game will be ace =D

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