Beta .03

– Cleaned up the baddie interacting with character code a lot, tell me what’s still messing up with the bad guys. Spiders won’t bring you back to life anymore, and they shouldn’t be able to hurt you if you’re hanging. Jumping on them feels a bit better to me, but I might be imagining things.

– Rope bug should be fixed, tell me if it doesn’t something else wacky now instead.

– Rolling into baddies should have you ramping off of them now.

Not too much progress, but lets see how many of the spider bugs are still in there, especially how they can float / stay squashed / etc.

Again, thanks to all who are participating in this beta. Unless you’re just being completely obnoxious and haven’t contributed a single thing, you’re going to get your name in the credits, so no more ‘AM I GETTING MAH NAME IN TEH GAMEZ?!,’ k? 😛

And oh, right… the new beta build… Beta 03


  1. educkface

    hmm… twice when I was just stomping on spiders normally they turned into just a squished black line and kept on moving like that until I walked over the black line and it acted as if I was squishing them again :/

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