If you’re just getting to the site, the link to the beta is in the next post. Please only post on umknown bugs Of course, anything that’s opinion is still open for discussion. And go ahead and now comment on this post instead of the old one for bug reports And as I said before, I should have a new build up sometime this weekend.

Wow, the response to the beta has been pretty awesome so far. There’s reaaly quite a few bugs still in there that I already knew about, lets get those out of the way first:

-Dying and getting hit again: lots if smaller bugs seem to have come from this, but basically I’m going to vastly tighten up how check for baddies is done, and this will be fixed.
– There is a small mound of ground that is spawned when you die. This made it look like spiders would crawl over you once you died, but it doesn’t look like anyone noticed that in the first game, heh. This will be fixed when the baddie interaction us fixed.
– Grabbing a rope and continuing downward: found this awhile ago but thought it was isolated, I’ll have to go through the rope code again, honestly it’s still pretty rough.
– Spiders becoming unresponsive (staying squashed, floating): this one appeared when I changed the baddie jump code (holding jump whil hitting on them bounces differently than if you don’t hold jump while landing on one). I have a feeling that I’m going to end up putting in lots of protection code to stop that from being a problem.
– Snailshell physics: they’re deliberately unreastic, and overly react to your character. I’m not going for realism here, so it’s not a bug. You can still comment your opinion on how it feels, though.
– Landing while holding down: deliberate, think of it as the megaman slide, only with that momentum actually coming from somewhere.
– Shell collecting squiggles: deliberate, just underused in this one level.
– Hitting head and flying downward: been there forever, you’d think I would have fixed that by now…
– Hair disapearing: omgwtfbbqssbbrawl!!!!!eleven you know how many times that’s been commented on in the demo? And I know that there’s NEW animations that don’t have hair, but that means I haven’t drawn it yet, as I have to animate unique hair for most of the animations. Sorry if I sound mad,but I still get those comments, even though I warn of horrible acts of temporary baldness in the comments there, and the post here… *sigh*


  1. styxtwo

    accidentally posted this in the other post:

    styxtwo Says:

    November 10th, 2007 at 8:13 am
    i posted this before but it seems to have slipped through or you just don’t think its a good idea…

    more of a question then a comment here:
    when you hit a spider while sliding or rolling why do you jump up and lose all your speed?
    when you slide it is ok but when you roll it doesnt really feel right

    your comments on this please =)

    styxtwo Says:

    November 10th, 2007 at 8:33 am
    why do both doors link to the same collectionthingies room

  2. Foodmansam

    what about the sounds? there isnt any sound if you hit a spider from the side. i posted this awhile ago, but no oneseemed to notice but me… Oh! also will we get the get our names in the credits? Us? the people who spent all yesterday afternoon searching for bugs?

  3. dshjk

    From November 16th to 18th, 2007, Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center will be holding an XO Game Jam.

    The Pittsburgh XO Game Jam is a game design and programming event designed to encourage (simultaneously) experimentation and innovation in the game industry and kick off development of open-source games for the OLPC platform (the XO). A group of game developers will get together over a three-day period to make as many innovative games as possible for the laptop, which is being distributed to children in developing countries around the world.

    Let’s participate! 🙂


  4. Dannieman

    (sorry for double post)

    I could walk up the invisible ramp many times, so it seems it was permanent. it functioned VERY well as a ramp, and speed determined jump distance. hmmmmm.

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