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Beta .1, have at it.

Approximately 3 gajillion fixes in this one, so attack it and make sure I didn’t break anything else.

Off the top of my head:
– improved landing smoke and new cannon smoke animation (by James Kholamian)
– fixed that pause when you land while running
– fixed baddies rotating when coming into screen
– should have fixed baddies just floating in the air
– fixed where the stupid shell would skip forward while rolling off of something (you don’t know how much that bugged me…)
– tightened up normal wall jump
– that stupid teleporting thing should be FINALLY fixed
– LOTS more stuff

Beta .1

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Beta .09, final (*crosses fingers*)

Alright, this should be the final beta. If something’s not fixed in here, chances are I either wanted it like that, or it would be too much trouble to fix. That doesn’t mean you guys can’t pillage through this version and make sure everything’s fixed, but unless it’s a major issue, I doubt I’m going to take the time to fix it.

My girlfriend’s been helping me on a wrap up page for the Beta, with all the bugs that were found, suggestions given, and what has been changed. Pretty much just a summary of everything that’s been accomplished during the Beta period. Huge thanks to her for all her help.

I’m trying to post this quickly, and I still need to paste all the new code from the working build over to the Beta build, so I’ll make a more official ‘yayz teh Beta is finished!’ when I make that wrapup page.

New features in this build:
– New spider animation, yes the old one looked pretty bad
– Slippery walls… Something I’ve been meaning to program for awhile now so I through some in there. Remember the ‘icy’ floor as someone put it? Well I finally remembered to color the ink over that, and now there’s ‘inky walls.’ This level doesn’t really take advantage of that feature too much, but you can still try it out. Jump at the walls with some upward momentum, no the real laws of gravity have no real effect here! It’s nice for going higher up the walls, or down quickly, as they’re slippery. You can press the direction away from the wall to get off of them quickly, making the section that I added them too able to be ran through even quicker now.

***To those new to the Beta, this is only a single level used for finding bugs in the code, though there’s a few new features to be found if you’re interested. There’s no goal to get the shell to, yet, but a few of the Beta testers have gotten the shell to the top of the level just for fun.***

Beta .09

Also, keep an eye on, they should be running a preview sometime monday, they even have some info that you guys don’t know about yet.

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Beta .08

Been out of town with my family for Thanksgiving, so I can’t say I spent a huge amount of time on this update, but there’s a few issues I want to make sure I just fixed that have been popping up recently.


– Spiders should behave while off screen now. This issue was especially apparent while kicking spiders off screen to the right into the small platforms by the cannon…

– Falling through slanted platforms while low jumping / kicking.

– Added some speed to the landing, that should stop the landing from the kick from feeling sluggish.

– little stupid platform tweaks like always…

– Juggle the snailshell in the air without it landing or hitting anything 😀

– Finally remembered to add the caching progress bar in there, not a big deal, but I think it’s neat

Beta .08

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Beta .07

I’m going to give you guys a bit of debugging power with this one. Try and get those spiders to stop responding or floating or whatever, if they do, click on them and post what words pop up in the top right of the screen, what they spider should be doing, and if you can, what you did to make him like that.

– Spider crawling on your body and getting knocked out, completely fixed, definitely. Should fix other things with the spiders too.
– Snailshell going through you, being knocked away even when behind you
– I think some other stuff but I don’t remember…

– Play around with kicking the shell and knocked out spiders, did something new there 😉 Tell me if you like it.

Shell should be tweaked a lot to deal with the added feature.

Beta .07c

[edit again: slide into the shell (the letting go of the arrows slide) to ‘dribble’ it on the ground, tell me if that helps with the ‘can’t hit it lightly’ problem]

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Beta .06

I really hope you guys aren’t thinking, oh no! another beta! Seriously though, this is helping me out way much. A huge thanks to everyone participating!

So, what should be fixed (aka go test this stuff out, and see if I accidently fixed any of the old bugs):

– Defeating on a spider by jumping at him from below a platform
– Spider freaking out while crawling on your dead body (wow that sounds morbid…).
– Lots of little weird things that you guys probably didn’t even know where broken

– This miiight fix the deal with jumping on a spider right when he wakes up. Educk, check ‘er out.

Also, I let the first door stay visible so you can go back into it to reset all the baddies. Thought that would be easier than hitting refresh once they’re all dead.

Tell me what’s still bugging out, I’m hoping that the changes I made actually fixes bugs that I weren’t targeting specifically…

Beta .06

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Beta .03

– Cleaned up the baddie interacting with character code a lot, tell me what’s still messing up with the bad guys. Spiders won’t bring you back to life anymore, and they shouldn’t be able to hurt you if you’re hanging. Jumping on them feels a bit better to me, but I might be imagining things.

– Rope bug should be fixed, tell me if it doesn’t something else wacky now instead.

– Rolling into baddies should have you ramping off of them now.

Not too much progress, but lets see how many of the spider bugs are still in there, especially how they can float / stay squashed / etc.

Again, thanks to all who are participating in this beta. Unless you’re just being completely obnoxious and haven’t contributed a single thing, you’re going to get your name in the credits, so no more ‘AM I GETTING MAH NAME IN TEH GAMEZ?!,’ k? 😛

And oh, right… the new beta build… Beta 03

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If you’re just getting to the site, the link to the beta is in the next post. Please only post on umknown bugs Of course, anything that’s opinion is still open for discussion. And go ahead and now comment on this post instead of the old one for bug reports And as I said before, I should have a new build up sometime this weekend.

Wow, the response to the beta has been pretty awesome so far. There’s reaaly quite a few bugs still in there that I already knew about, lets get those out of the way first:

-Dying and getting hit again: lots if smaller bugs seem to have come from this, but basically I’m going to vastly tighten up how check for baddies is done, and this will be fixed.
– There is a small mound of ground that is spawned when you die. This made it look like spiders would crawl over you once you died, but it doesn’t look like anyone noticed that in the first game, heh. This will be fixed when the baddie interaction us fixed.
– Grabbing a rope and continuing downward: found this awhile ago but thought it was isolated, I’ll have to go through the rope code again, honestly it’s still pretty rough.
– Spiders becoming unresponsive (staying squashed, floating): this one appeared when I changed the baddie jump code (holding jump whil hitting on them bounces differently than if you don’t hold jump while landing on one). I have a feeling that I’m going to end up putting in lots of protection code to stop that from being a problem.
– Snailshell physics: they’re deliberately unreastic, and overly react to your character. I’m not going for realism here, so it’s not a bug. You can still comment your opinion on how it feels, though.
– Landing while holding down: deliberate, think of it as the megaman slide, only with that momentum actually coming from somewhere.
– Shell collecting squiggles: deliberate, just underused in this one level.
– Hitting head and flying downward: been there forever, you’d think I would have fixed that by now…
– Hair disapearing: omgwtfbbqssbbrawl!!!!!eleven you know how many times that’s been commented on in the demo? And I know that there’s NEW animations that don’t have hair, but that means I haven’t drawn it yet, as I have to animate unique hair for most of the animations. Sorry if I sound mad,but I still get those comments, even though I warn of horrible acts of temporary baldness in the comments there, and the post here… *sigh*

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Alright guys, there’s not all that much new in this build, to be honest. I just want to stress test the code, and I’m anticipating a lot going wrong, this engine is more complex than the demo, and far more complex than World 1. I’ll try to keep this build updated as I update the engine.

To report bugs, I’ve set up an email address, or you can go ahead and leave comments on this post.

Click the link below to launch the game. And apologies for the barren page, I know pretty much nothing about HTML…


Look out for bugs, of course, but tell me what you think about killing spiders, the look of the level, the new animations, stuff like that.

Oh, I made jumping on baddies while holding jump versus letting go of jump before you hit them feel much different from the other than before.

And YES, I know his hair disappears sometimes, it’s because I haven’t animated it yet in those areas.

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