Beta .04

Alright, lets see if any of those jumping on baddie bugs remain, have at it!

Beta .04

Can anyone be more specific with the rope bugs? Or at least be able to tell me exactly how to make it happen?


  1. educkface

    yay, it doesn’t mess up anymore 🙂 I just noticed another glitch though, it’s not that bad though. I squished a spider and when I hit his body into the air it hit the shell that I had also hit up, and when the spider landed it was stunned again instead of falling through the level.

  2. Maleik123

    well it is good but when fancy pants walks through a door his hair disapeers also when you spring onto climbing rope and begins to swing for 2 sec. his hair is gone to oh and last thing when you kick the spider on a wall it goes flying through the it like a ghost ( im not sure if it isn’t a glitch) thats all for now fun to play though cant wait for it to come out

  3. DrNeroCF

    My god, man. Yes, the hair dissapears sometimes because I haven’t draw it yet! It says that in the comments for the demo, in the original post, and in response to the last time. If you want to help me out, I need you to read my posts on what already know about, the hair dissapearing being the absolute number 1 problem that I know about.

    On a less aggravated note, yes, onve you kick spiders once they have been knocked out, they fall off the stage, passing through walls and the floor.

    Snailshells will never kill spiders, if they’re dead, I suppose I should let them ignore the shell…

  4. styxtwo

    ok here is wat i fund on the rope bug thing:

    if you jump from the cannon and land on one fo the ropes( mostly when you land on the side) you shoot past the rope and start falling down with a swining animation. i think you just go to fast and you slip though the hittestbox. maybe something with the speed since it does go into swingmode(the movement of the character) so it does hit the box….

    hmm well i don’t know enough about the code you have to point out what is wrong, so ill just stick to what happens in the game;).

  5. FairlyObvious

    Guys, read other bug reports and responses before you post one. If it looks like it hasn’t been mentioned then fine, but the spiders passing through walls thing, I’m pretty sure that issue was already addressed.

    Oh yeah and hair thing = overdone

    Hair disappearing = animation. It does not = issue with code = bug

  6. educkface

    also if a spider is walking through a shell and you squish them at the same time, the spider floats in the air and stays there with flopping legs. So far every time I have tested it, it has given same results.

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