Beta .06

I really hope you guys aren’t thinking, oh no! another beta! Seriously though, this is helping me out way much. A huge thanks to everyone participating!

So, what should be fixed (aka go test this stuff out, and see if I accidently fixed any of the old bugs):

– Defeating on a spider by jumping at him from below a platform
– Spider freaking out while crawling on your dead body (wow that sounds morbid…).
– Lots of little weird things that you guys probably didn’t even know where broken

– This miiight fix the deal with jumping on a spider right when he wakes up. Educk, check ‘er out.

Also, I let the first door stay visible so you can go back into it to reset all the baddies. Thought that would be easier than hitting refresh once they’re all dead.

Tell me what’s still bugging out, I’m hoping that the changes I made actually fixes bugs that I weren’t targeting specifically…

Beta .06


  1. Darrell

    In response to your problem Hawkaris. The spiders don’t stun if you’re holding the jump key or holding down when you land. Is it possible you were holding either of those keys while landing?

  2. zymn

    hey, i don’t know if you’ve fixed this, but i was playing the game, and i somehow mad the shell go through the ground. i don’t know how it happened, i sort of jumped on the shell i guess in a weak spot and it flew through. any comments?

  3. educkface

    very nice, seems like stomping at the time it comes back doesn’t do it anymore, I don’t think I could time it any more perfect than I did just now. And the glitch count lowers once again 🙂

  4. NinjaCow

    I managed to get a spider to stop responding when it got hit by the shell extremely hard. The shell fell from really high up, and the spider appeared in the air, stuck in the ‘dizzy’ phase. I’m having trouble reproducing it, however.

  5. Minimiy

    nice game i got 217 ( couldn’t reach the last 15, guess i’ll need to get the snail thing all the way up there?) of those spiral thingies, too bad the 2 secret doors get you too the same room so there weren’t any spiral thingies anymore when i got there for the second time.

    Nice game, great animation feels very natural. This could really become something. love the artwork!!! Keep up the good work

  6. Minimiy

    got another problem, took me a long time to get the snail thing up there and i wanted to do the same as your cousin ‘educkface’ but after playing around a bit the snail thing got on the platform on the right side and i couldn’t reach it anymore. Could you please adjust the level a bit so it’s possible to go back to the right side on the top platform? Was kinda a bummer not to able to get that thing back.

  7. Maleik123

    the hair bugs are still there also i saw a bug where you stomp on a it falls to the ground but not through the stage. and if your wandering what hair bug im talking about it is when fancy P. goes through a door and he has no hair

  8. DrNeroCF

    Minimiy, hold up while wall jumping off the wall to your right. I’m trying to make the levels fully backtrackable, though it takes a bit of effort at that part.

    In the full game, it’ll actually inform you that you can hold up or down while wall jumping to change your direction, since not many people seem to think to try that.

    Maleik… are you serious? He won’t have hair until I draw it. It’s not a bug, please stop ‘reporting’ the places where I haven’t drawn his hair.

  9. FairlyObvious

    Maleik is either illiterate or he’s just hoping to get DrNero’s attention.
    Maleik, DrNero belongs to me, it doesn’t matter how many hair “bugs” you report, you only drive him further into my arms =P

  10. Dannieman

    new glitch! the hair goes away when (I’m only kidding, please don’t hate me :D)

    New glitch!!!!!

    I was able to get the shell into the wall more than once by kicking it lightly so there is almost NO space at all between the shell and the wall, and then running into the shell. after it is in the wall you can stop pushing it, crouch, and even jump without it coming out. if you walk away without jumping, the shell will pop out of the wall. Hope this helps!

  11. Ben

    I have seem to have run into the same glitch that Dannieman ran into. If you land on the shell just right (when shell is next to the wall), the shell seems to go inside the wall.

  12. DrNeroCF

    Whadya mean? I started World 1 because I was bored when school was off because of Katrina.

    I FOUND A GLITCH! That cow how hair! IS A GLITCH!

  13. DrNeroCF

    Not trying to hurt your feelings or be hostile or anything, but people have a history of ignoring the comments and posting that his hair goes disappearing from time to time (especially on’s reviews…)

  14. ryanrab1

    O, ok

    I was just trying to make an answer for you, so you could say that is why th game took so long 🙂

    but I realy thought I remember educkface telling me about FPA before Katrina

  15. styxtwo

    – Spider freaking out while crawling on your dead body (wow that sounds morbid…).

    this bug is still there, one spider flew up all of a sudden and got stars all around him ….when he crawled on my dead body (omg that does sound morbid :P)

  16. zymn

    MAJOR BUG! ok, i was trying to do what educk did, you know, get the shell to the end of the level, anyways, i bounced it up in the air, and when it came down, it bounced in the middle of the air!

  17. UFOboy

    Well, i like it, as for glitchs, only found 1. As for generaly how it works, only a few.

    The glitch i found i’ve been calling the ice floor glitch. It makes the floor act like you are on ice. How it works is when you shoot yourself out of the cannon while pointing it as much as you can to the left and you slide across that one platform, you do a backflip near the end of it, then you’ll land and start to slide around like it’s made out of ice. Kinda a cool glitch, it was kinda fun moving around on the ice-like floor. Maybe you should make an Ice level. And yes, i like to name glitchs i find.

    Anyway, as for general dislikes of how it feels, it accelerates too quickly, walking is running and running is sprinting and sprinting is leaping into light speed with chubaka at your side(last one isn’t exactly true). Well, i don’t have a problem with how fast you can go, i just think how long it takes to go fast should be increased a bit.

    Another thing is the wall jump, you don’t stay on the wall and many walls don’t let you wall jump off them unless tap and hold the button towards the wall, in which case you fall back off instantly anyway without jumping. And you fall off the wall quickly anyway.

    I like how the snailshell works, however i also liked how it used to work. I, having little to no experience with programing, don’t know how hard it is to program something like a flash game, but i have a suggestion.

    Right now all that is used is the 4 arrows and S, that leaves 3 of my fingers free to do what they please, instead of having 3 bum fingers when someone plays they could have active fingers, such as holing down the D button to go faster then a run and hold it down when he land on a wall to just, sit there or something(spider-stick-man) As well, holding the D button would cause the Pop effects that the current shell has when you hit it, so hold the D button and kick the shell to get these effects, don’t press D and get the old effects. A and F could be used for upgrades later in the game.

    However, seeing how far you are into the game, my suggestion can be ignored and i will understand.

    Oh, wait, i think i found another glitch, i don’t know, i may just be crazy. I was slighting to kick spiders and every now and then i’d fly back when i kicked them, othertimes i didn’t. I experimented with it a bit and it seeemed random, but i may be blind to the pattern of it.

  18. styxtwo

    suspected bug:(not sure because i didn’t want to try and recreate it:P)

    when you kill a spider so that it can go through walls and stuff(really dead, no stars) and it hits the shell it goed back to the stars-spider(not dead anymore)

    as i said, i’m not sure this is really happening, but i thought i saw something like it.

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