Sorry about the forced registration… There’s been a huge influx of spam lately, I’m seeing if this will help that any. So please, register (with the name I know you by would help), and keep up the commenting!

Just to clarify… I’m not accusing anyone of spamming the comments, I kept getting automated comments from stupid websites, and turning on registration seems to have stopped the bots.


  1. DrNeroCF

    Not, you know, to play the game before everyone else, or get your name in the credits, or for that warm gooey feeling inside that comes from helping a lowly game developer, eh?

    😛 Heh.

    On that note, however, you guys have been a lifesaver. I’m still getting bug reports for World 1, no joke. I’d love that to not be the case for World 2, 2 years from now. Plus I’ve been able to work on this background for level 1 instead of bug testing my own game, woo!

  2. WJUK

    I’ve pretty much followed this blog since it’s conception. And loved the first game. This is my first time commenting so hey everyone.

    I’m glad you have a blog now, so we now the latest news about fancy pants adventure.

    It’s my pleasure to BETA test for you.

  3. Dannieman

    I finally got the e-mail on my yahoo account and I have finished registering. advice for people registering with a yahoo e-mail: don’t expect to be able to post until at least an hour after it says the e-mail is sent. That was annoying. Anyways, I’m glad to be able to post again. Are you going to release a .7 or have we not given you enough bugs to fix yet?

  4. maleik123

    man o man this sure helped from spam comming through. thanks to all the people who comment on brad’s post. and yeah it did get anoying because word press is counted as spam but hey im signed up so nothing to complain about. we will continue to comment and give you information

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