So here’s a new post for ya’ll to spam!

I kid, I kid, just thought I’d share a screen of the level I’ve been working on.

Yeah yeah, I still can’t draw, but I think this is looking pretty swell.


So what do you guys think about the look? The dark browns are quite a bit different from anything from World 1, but there’s actually a reason you’re in a cave, falling… The levels in this game aren’t just a series of squiggly levels, they’re a series of, uh, squiggly levels, only now you’re traveling across them, with a destination! and a purpose! Woo! Something just happened, and now you’re falling into a cave… omigosh itsaplot!


  1. NinjaCow

    What on earth are those green poles in the background? And am I right in assuming that the grey is not part of the playable terrain, but is part of the background? Or is Mr Pants about to land…

  2. DrNeroCF

    Right, I’m hoping keeping all the background colors lighter will avoid any confusion in what’s what. And the green poles are just piping… you know… underground stuff…

  3. foodmansam

    *ahem* sorry… i meant, thats looks good, but the green lines in the background kinda weird me out. What are they? if they’re just green lines, they don’t fit, and if they’re pipes, they DO fit. Then again… everything you do is perfect…. even if i dont like it….. YAY 🙂

  4. NinjaCow

    LOL… “Underground stuff…” Yeah, I guess most caves have green pipes zig-zagging all over, don’t they? I mean, they wouldn’t be caves without it!

  5. FairlyObvious

    Hey, snails are very advanced, they have their own indoor plumbing, don’t judge! You’re just jealous because cows haven’t come that far yet =P

  6. foodmansam

    A water rising level would be cool…. just don’t make it to hard if you do, because i get stressed out…. still, anything u do is perfect… so that would be perfect… i guess….

  7. WJUK

    If you do make a water level, u might as well make is more dynamic. Like your just in a horizontal cave. Doing fancy pants stuff, stomping snails etc.

    Then you start hearing a *whoosh* noise coming from behind. *cutscene* A giant wave of water is heading towards you! OMFG!
    And you could make it that even if you’re swept away by the water, you don’t actually die but it just means you got to take a longer route to your goal or something.

    Yea, I know… kinda ambitious. But I’m sure it’s nothing you can’t handle!

  8. Dannieman

    some comments on the background:

    1. I don’t really like the look of this as a background, but I’m seeing it as a still image instead of the moving element I would see if I were playing it….. anyways my suggestion here is to try making sketches for a pipe system with some kind of pattern, like vertical and horizontal pipes only, overlapping pipes, stuff like that. an almost independant suggestion, but not quite, would be to add more bends in the pipes. one or two of those together should look good. (I wouldn’t do any of those things without hearing from more people first)

    2. I think the pipes should have some kind of shading, or something besides being one shade of green. maybe some of them would be cracked or taped? I think a few with tape wrapped on them would look good.

    3. Again not seeing this in motion, I found it hard to see those light gray cliff-type things as a background.

    4. I think there should be more elements of light and dark, like some light source and a darker background.

    hope that’s not too much stuff to try out for your deadline, and GOOD LUCK!

  9. DrNeroCF

    News to me too…

    And any water stuff is going to have to wait until World 3.

    That level really does look much better in motion, btw.

  10. Dannieman

    If you don’t have a deadline, I guess you can try a couple of those then. Whichever one comes out the best. thanks for putting in another snail! It’s always nice to have a shell to kick around. oooooooh beta .07. I’ll go try it out 🙂

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