Beta .07

I’m going to give you guys a bit of debugging power with this one. Try and get those spiders to stop responding or floating or whatever, if they do, click on them and post what words pop up in the top right of the screen, what they spider should be doing, and if you can, what you did to make him like that.

– Spider crawling on your body and getting knocked out, completely fixed, definitely. Should fix other things with the spiders too.
– Snailshell going through you, being knocked away even when behind you
– I think some other stuff but I don’t remember…

– Play around with kicking the shell and knocked out spiders, did something new there 😉 Tell me if you like it.

Shell should be tweaked a lot to deal with the added feature.

Beta .07c

[edit again: slide into the shell (the letting go of the arrows slide) to ‘dribble’ it on the ground, tell me if that helps with the ‘can’t hit it lightly’ problem]

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  1. UFOboy

    Odd stuff happens when you land on the very edges of surfaces.
    Example 1: If the shell hits the edge of a platform perfectly then it will disappear and reapear below it, sometimes bouncing up a bit mid-air before landing.
    Example 2: i had fancy pance walk vertaly for a second when i landed on the edge of a pass-though platform.

    Also, i had a weird thought when playing today.

    Momentum Burst would be a good upgrade move for FP, hold the A or D button down and the more you move the more momentum you build up, once you release the button you fly forward in a burst of speed, knocking enemies aside if you have enough momentum stored.

  2. thenamespaul

    okay, i few things i found that may have already been stated… dissapears when going through doors and going into hangin postion after slide
    2. hitting shift give an almost basic few of the ground and such while in main outside enviroment
    3. the doors for secret areas are the same room, so if you clean it out the first time your done with them until you restart the level

    other than those things i found… amazing
    i loveee the additions made from the original and cannot wait until you release the completed world 2 on, say newgrounds… which it would get a 5 out of 5 from me =D

    keep up the good work, looking forward to more of your flash work.

  3. DrNeroCF

    zymn, try and be a bit nicer to the newcomers… Even if they do break the golden rule on their first comment, especially if they’re responding to a post that doesn’t mention the lack if hair ordeal…

    Thenamespaul, welcome to the site, the hair isn’t a bug, it’s me not hsvig drawn it yet. Hitting shift is a sort of debug mode so you can see what collision clips you are on. And, most of the secret rooms in the final game will be drawn by cameo artists, mostly from Newgrounds, and I haven’t went through yet and placed them yet, so you’re seeing one placeholder for two bonus levels.

    I really need to write a faqs for the site, s people won’t have to go through all the posts to figure out what’s a known issue and what’s not…

    Ninjacow, I don’t think so, but I’ll look at it closer…

    And finally… all those pause bugs stem from one single issue that I’ll fix fairly soon…

  4. gbuch

    I don’t know if other people also experience this, but sometimes I think that the spider dies without going through the “star stage”.
    I’m not sure if I’m hitting it twice without noticing, but it happened a couple of times already.
    On the last time I was falling after being shot from a cannon, and hit the spider on the way down…

  5. Darrell

    I think I found something new, if you get the shell on the red platform (The first one, curved and to the left of the hill) Get the shell resting in the bend, then from the left run up to it. When you kick it, you drop through the platform.

  6. DrNeroCF

    Thanks, Darrel, that’s actually a lesser known issue that I’ve been attempting to iron out before many people found it. I’m hoping I’ll find some way around it, but its yet another issue that popped up when I put in slanted platforms.

  7. educkface

    heres a strange bug. If you get a spider on the bottom ledge sticking out of the purple rock (in picture) and you hit it from underneath, then go as close as you can to the wall and jump through the ledge. When you are standing right next to the wall, you run out of invincibility but the spider (or spiders in my picture) can’t hurt you even if you jump up and down. To get hurt by them, you have to walk to the side :/

  8. foodmansam

    when you kick a spider, a faint squarish shape forms around them. im not sure if its a bug or not though. also, sometimes when i get the shell on platforms, it appears below it and falls, but i think that might just be the crappy laptop im using right now.

  9. DrNeroCF

    well it might be the collision boxes around them, but last I checked those were invisible, are you hitting tab and revealing their debug buttons?

  10. gbuch

    There is a bug with the spider walking in the red triangles.
    These are the steps to reproduce it (I managed to do it 4 times. though I did have to try a dozen times before I managed to do the fourth):

    1)Go to that platform (in the image)
    2)Wait for the spider to go walking from left to right (this may not be necessary, but I find it easier to do it this way so I haven’t actually tried the other)
    3)Jump on the spider, so that it will fall on the left edge of the platform
    4)The spider will go below the platform, as shown in the picture:

  11. educkface

    I suggest that everyone downloads world 1 of fpa onto their computer and play it. I just tried it to see the real speed, and it is a lot faster than when I play it on the internet, and it only takes a minute to download. If you have firefox just go to a page that has it, then in the toolbar click tools, page info, media, and then select the fancy pants swf and click save as. Atleast for my computer, the game is a lot faster, more challenging, and more fun because of that IMO.

  12. DrNeroCF

    Like i said before during my entire lolflashsux speed rant, no Flash game will run at 30 fps without being manually retimed. I’m planning on releasing a manually retimed World 1, probably first on this site, then to Newgrounds, Kongregate… pretty much the regulars.

    Of course, if you’re computer is fairly slow, Flash games will chug in the browser whether they’rebheung retimed or not.

    And for some wacky reason, the standalone player will always play everything correctly timed and at full speed on any computer faster than 1 ghz.

    Hey Adobe, make the Flash plugin at least as good as the standalone player, seriously!

  13. DrNeroCF

    Nope, it doesn’t come with the plugin, you atually have to download the flash cs3 trial, though the player doesn’t have a time limit on it.

    Yeah, that’s right Adobe, no one could possibly make something in Flash that people would actually want to play offline, right? *sigh*

  14. NinjaCow

    Yeah, talk about a lack of confidence… they just think that, since Flash was originally made by Macromedia, products made in Flash won’t be any good. Come on…

  15. JaneFallen

    Just a few ideas …

    Motion is my favorite thing about this game (which I think is better than Mario). It would be nice to add even more aspects to his moving, like flying. Could he have fans he can pick up and glide with or an umbrella, or balloons, or bubbles, or a plane.

    The side arrows should make him push away from a cliff when he’s hanging and away from the wall if he’s sliding down it from holding on. Otherwise, I feel like I’m stuck. I shouldn’t have to jump to get down quickly from a hold position on a wall.

    I also feel like he should be able to swing on the ropes when you press the side arrows back and forth.

    Have you made yourself an editor? Make an editor to speed up the development of the levels and then make the editor public so others can make and share their own levels.

  16. DrNeroCF

    Tree: I’d imagine you’re right about that, but I wouldn’t imagine that separate containers for each OS is a good idea for a format that’s so platform independent. Nevermind that there should be no performance gap whatsoever between the running in a standalone player or running in the browser plugin.

    I really just need to make an updated, retined version of World1 and upload it to the site.

  17. Yemp

    Great work, big fan of the FPA’s… I think that you should add an arial move. Possibly by pressing down? Maybe to make Fancy Pants go down quicker. Btw, not sure if it’s meant to still be in there, but when you press shift it shows blocks around all the edges. Great work, keep it up.

  18. Blommestein

    (This is the sonic guy by the way)

    For the setting frame rate cap, I’ve found the date object to be pretty accurate (I remember you had said you used intervals). Just something to consider.

    Thanks for the idea though, I wouldn’t have though to do anything of the sort. 🙂

    var start:Date = new Date();
    var fps:Number = 30; //Maximum Cap
    var curr:Date = new Date();
    var time:Number = curr – start;
    curr = new Date();
    time=curr – start;
    start = new Date();

  19. DrNeroCF

    Well, I haven’t really played with the date function much ever, I find the getTimer to work since I know how many milliseconds I want to pass.

    syncHold = 0
    onEnterFrame = function() {
    while (syncHold > getTimer() ) { }
    syncHold = getTimer() + 33

    So, syncHold is how many milliseconds getTimer will have to reach before it finishes. The while loop will run until getTimer catches up. I have a break conditional in there also… just in case.

  20. Dannieman

    Make something random so we don’t have to scroll through 100 posts! And these vowel typos are really confusing me. “The while loop”. Is beta .08 being made yet? If not just post SOMETHING new.

  21. educkface

    I totally disagree with that logic!!! I don’t think we should spam just to get 100 posts, that would be childish!!! (6 more left!!!)

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