Very few people have played The Fancy Pants Adventures at full speed. No, really. It doesn’t matter how fast your computer is, or what operating system you run, I set FPA to 30 frames a second, and if you’re playing the game in a browser window, it will run at an unsteady 20 – 25 FPS. The only way to get World 1 to run at a solid 30 frames like God intended was to run the swf file in the Flash Standalone Player, offline.

There’s some good news for World 2, however, as long as my plan ends up working correctly (and I’ll definitely be testing that during the beta). See, some time over the summer, Adobe multithreaded Flash so that it could play HD video, yeah, big freaking deal, like we need yet another streaming video player on the Internet, right? Well, it looks like that allowed Flash to run full tilt, even on single core computers… under certain conditions. Yeah, I basically have to time every frame manually because Flash is overfilled with suck because it will never be optimized for anything better than obnoxious web advertisements.

Anyways, all this means is that there will be more than just a few people who play FPA like it’s meant to be played, despite Adobe not having the slightest idea what the hell they want to do with Flash *shakes fist*


  1. super random

    OH!!! I just got an idea! U should make shirts with the fancy pants man on ’em! I would buy it! although it would need a catch phrase…. uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh……. man, im posting on a blog…. im REALLY bored.

  2. Gazzo

    I never realized that wasn’t the intended speed. o_o; It worked pretty smooth before, so I never noticed.

    Anyways, great job. Just..great job. FPA is DEFINITELY my favorite flash game, and is also one of my favorite games period.

    Good to see things coming along.

    Stick figures for the win.

  3. FairlyObvious

    I prefer Bubble Wrap (claymation) =P
    DrNero has a cameo in it, it’s kinda hott . . . in fact I think I’ll go watch it now . . .

    (P.S. I have a Fancy Pants Man shirt)

    -Nero’s girlfriend FTW

  4. DrNeroCF

    You know how long that would take me to draw? O.o if someone else wants to draw / fund animators to do it, go for it!

    And I make games because my hot girlfriend thinks it’s sexy 😉

  5. tarwin

    Hi, my first post. Just saw news of you on JayIsGames and thought I’d come over for a squiz.

    I’m currently developing a flash game using some of the same hitTest for angle techniques as you seem to be using, and have got it working at “native” framerates in Firefox 3 Beta. It seems that FF2 is horrid, IE7 “ok” and Opera and Safari are pretty damn good in terms of speed.

    I think the best option really is to have an offline download loader version of your game, because you can then run it at full screen with key input not disabled (yep, that’s right, hardware rescaling WITH keyboard input). I think that’s what we’re going to be doing anyway.

    Love what you’re doing with this – I’m amazed by the sheer speed of the thing – good luck getting it working at OK FPS for a non-intel Mac though 😉

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