Some real news

Alright, guys. I’m gonna do the classic good news / bad news deal.

Good news is I actually have a release date for World 2.

Bad news is, it’s not before Christmas.

I’ve been working like mad lately, with World 2 and Christmas stuff, I’ve almost burnt myself out. So I’m going to release on January 8th, there’s not all that much left to do, but I don’t want to be cutting corners or sleeping even less than I do now. Plus, you know, I wouldn’t mind enjoying the holidays with my family a bit, heh.

And in an attempt to get ya’ll to hate me less, a shot of what’s probably my favorite background in the game. It’s actually from the second level that was in the demo.


But, this will be the final delay, as long as nothing goes terribly wrong, which it shouldn’t…


  1. WJUK


    Best. Background. Ever. Period.

    Awesome! (not the delay thing)

    I’m starting to think you’re doing this on purpose just because every other big name video game is doing it (MGS4, SSBB etc.). lol jk

    Anyway, Jan 8th isn’t that far away!

  2. Gazzo

    one of the things I really love about FPA is the hidden humor in it. =P

    Anyways, the delay is no big deal. I’m not worried about it. When it comes out, it comes out. =) Besides, it’s not like you’re Microsoft of Nintendo, with a big team and stuff. You’re one guy and a girlfriend that’s into headbanging.

    Happy holidays, by the way.

  3. Gazzo

    oh, by the way, I just wanted to ask, how long have you been working with flash? I have problems making something move. haha. =P

    anyways, I love rolling down hills and hitting the spider. haha

  4. DrNeroCF

    Started sometime in college… Let’s see… Probably for about 3 years now (and to think, half if that time was spent making FPA!).

  5. DrNeroCF

    The beta level is the 3rd.

    Look closely at the game the spider is playing, it’s not FPA, the
    spider is jumping at Fancy Pants Man. I’d imagine it’d be called something like The Spider Baddie Adventures… Hehe.

  6. DrNeroCF

    @zymm: You can’t call yourself a gamer and not own a Wii when Brawl comes out. Though I’d probably say the same thing about Galaxy if it weren’t for that whole shortage thing…

    @styxtwo: Or even worse, play World 1, blech. Heh.

  7. FairlyObvious

    @Gazzo: The girlfriend that’s into headbanging?
    Wow, what a way to be remembered. . .

    @DrNero: I don’t own a Wii so don’t start knocking people that don’t own them otherwise I’m going to have to kick your butt. Ya jerk =P

  8. Gazzo

    hahaha, mah bad. >_> Are you….her?

    Anyways, I don’t have a Wii either. They don’t really interest me. If more games had classic controller support, sure. I don’t mind playing party games with the whole movement thing, but for just traditional playing, it’s too much movement. I just want to relax and play. =\

  9. zymn

    i said i’ll be getting one soon… remember, the only reason i’m on here is because i don’t have anything else to do, and i don’t have a good looking gf to keep me company. (like some people.)

  10. WJUK

    Haha! ownage suckers! (ok, maybe a bit to harsh…)

    My Wii is sitting in my front room right now. I’ve actually just finished playing GH3 on it – and Lego SW before that – but I still can’t beat ‘Same old song and dance’ by AeroSmith on hard mode! ARGH! *grits teeth*

    Oh and btw, never ever EVER attempt ‘Through the Fires and Flames’ on hard or expert difficulty unless you are sure you can handle the punishment this song will dish out on your sorry beaten ass… I was dared to. Didn’t last long…

  11. WJUK

    lmfao zymn! I’ve played and completed SMG (with Mario anyway)!


    lol. Super Mario Galaxy is amazing, all that mind-boggling gravity thing and the whole thing just oozes awesomeness.

    A must-have for ANYONE who owns a Wii; and if you don’t own a Wii… it’s a damn good reason to get one!

  12. foodmansam

    I have a wii, and I need to get Super Mario Galaxy. Im very proud to say I slept in front of a super target to get mine on the first day it was out. if i recall, i was 17 in line behind a large group of high school kids… good times… 🙂 also, id like to point out for no good reason that ive seen every episode of futurama AT LEAST 4 times.

  13. foodmansam

    You’ve never seen futurama?!?! IT was a TV show by the guy who made the simpsons, it was also a cartoon. They canceled it and now they are making new movies of it.
    They still show futurama every night on Adult Swim, the late night version of cartoon network for adults. Gosh, if you’ve never even HEARD of futurama, You must be CRAZY!!! Its like saying you’ve never heard of the game half-life 2, or saying you’ve never heard the song Pinball wizard.

  14. styxtwo

    hehe yea i’m sorry ;). i live in the netherlands and as far as i know it has never aired here :o. i just watched a small clip of it on youtube. its quite
    good, looks a lot like the simpsons.

    but familyguy owns all anyways 😮

    and yes im crazy *laughs evil* :P:P

  15. WJUK

    Family Guy = Awesomeness.
    Futurama = Awesomeness.

    Therefore… Family Guy = Futurama…???

    Anyway, they’re both equally good in their own respects and I love them both!

    Oh and I reserved my Wii on December 8th and my sister and mother went to pick it up (since I had school). Guess what I spent that whole night doing?

    @stxtwo’s earlier comment: Yea, I guess there are too many party games (and a lot of them aren’t really any good); there are also too many crappy ports. But SMG itself makes it for all of that!

    MP3 was also awesome. Don’t forget Heroes 2 that’s coming out.

  16. foodmansam

    well, wii sports is great, but all the other sports ones are crap… but it does still have awesome games like super paper mario, zelda:twilight princess, and the rayman game is a mini-game game, but it is one of my most favorite wii games out. i want the second rayman, looks o.k., not great. also, whats Heroes 2? and also, by MP3, do u mean the software or a game?

  17. WJUK

    @foodmansam: Medal of Honour: Heroes 2 is a WWII FPS that has 32 player online, a feat no other game for the Wii has achieved.

    MP3 is referring to Metroid Prime 3: Corruption… another FPS.

  18. foodmansam

    oh…. ok, thats what u meant. im not good at figuring that kind of stuff out… i dont really like medal of honor, but i like metroid prime 3. i didnt buy, i rented it, and it didnt seem my taste. its still quite good though. but i also like 360. i have rock band. Also, we can never forget our PCs…. or macs….. I have WoW…..
    i need a WoW rehab….

  19. WJUK

    To be honest, I was going to pick up Heroes 2 simply for the 32-player online (and from past reports, that the control scheme was amazing). MP3 is more like an adventure game than a FPS really. But it’s still amazing. The level of immersion it applied was awesome.

    Damn, I want Rock Band but I don’t have enough for a 360 (and I’m scared of the hardware failures possible).

    lol, WoW. Grind grind grind. 🙂

  20. DrNeroCF

    Prime 3 was absolutely amazing, though the original Prime is still the best Prime game. Heros 2 does sounds really fun, but I’ve been playing enough CoD4 on 360.

    Probably the best game I’ve bought lately was Uncharted for PS3, too bad the PS3 as a game console is an absolute steaming pile of trash.

    Oh yeah, and Portal… gotta finish playing that. Too lazy to boot into Windows with Bootcamp most of the time though, bah.

  21. WJUK

    Agree with first statement. I haven’t played the original 2D Metroid before, so I can’t pass judgement on that (I know, I know… *gasp*). And I was going to pick up CoD4 for my laptop (it can handle it… I think) because my friend wants me to join his clan (which is ranked pretty high, if I recall properly) but after I thought about it a bit… an FPS isn’t exactly a good idea for a laptop. Using the touchpad is suicide, and I’m not exactly going to carry round a mouse with me. I picked up Civ IV in the end.

    Ah… Uncharted, I heard it was an amazing game but I have to experience it. And I wouldn’t say the PS3 was “an absolute steaming pile of trash” it’s more like a: “f***ing expensive steaming pile of trash.”

    Portal = Awesome. Nuff said. You absolutely have to complete it, the ending is amazing.

    That is all.

  22. foodmansam

    Portal? i love portal, but half-life’s better. I mean, you should play half life 2 if you have the orange box. Half life 2 is, in my opinion, the best frikken game mankind has ever known. In fact, i find it better than ALL 3 HALOS PUT TOGETHER!!!!

    if you’d like to call me evil, thats fine.

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