Beta .1, have at it.

Approximately 3 gajillion fixes in this one, so attack it and make sure I didn’t break anything else.

Off the top of my head:
– improved landing smoke and new cannon smoke animation (by James Kholamian)
– fixed that pause when you land while running
– fixed baddies rotating when coming into screen
– should have fixed baddies just floating in the air
– fixed where the stupid shell would skip forward while rolling off of something (you don’t know how much that bugged me…)
– tightened up normal wall jump
– that stupid teleporting thing should be FINALLY fixed
– LOTS more stuff

Beta .1

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  1. Nyubis

    wow!! the “p” button has a really cool function now.
    I remember tha in FPA world 1 it was with some stone you had to hit with your head.

    btw, are no stone-things in world 2??

  2. lucanio

    This isn’t a big deal or anything but i was playing with my headphones on and noticed that if you kick the snail shell to the far right of the world and run to the far left the stereo field puts the sound where you are even though it’s not.. if that makes sense.

  3. Bigbaddragondude

    I got an idea but you might not like it… Make some bonus levels where you actually playing golf (lol) and make it so if you get the snailshell in the hole you can jump in to a door down the bottom.

    Make sense?

  4. DrNeroCF

    Yeah… and that’s probably why I already do that, haha. Only you’re playing golfball, which is infinitely more fun to play than golf.

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