Fancy Pants Public Release

This may be a little late, but I’d figure I should post it anyway. FPA is now released on Newgrounds and Kongregate, among others. I’d like to pretend that I released World 2 on Kongregate in respose to World 1 being knocked off the top 3 on the front page, haha.



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  1. styxtwo

    wow nice =), i was wondering, have you implemented mochibot? and are you going to make those stats public? because i’m very interested in howmany hits your game gets and from where =)

  2. styxtwo

    newspapers on 19-01-18 have the following headlines:

    Fancyness to death

    On Saturday January 19th, a terrible wave of addiction spread across the internet… FPA2!

    millions died because of several reasons: some starved, some were dehydrated, and some tried to jump out of the window because “they thought they had to follow a rabbit with icecream”. the fancy-epidemic as some started to call it seems to be spreading all over the world.

    another side effect of the fancy-epedemic is the current wave of people wearing orange pants. they say “it makes them feal sticklike inside”.

    where will…. (this text was not finished due to the author dying of eating an icecream in 2.7 seconds).


  3. WJUK

    lmfao, yea I didn’t actually think about the placing of colours until afterwards.

    In hindsight, I think I should have had orange FP with the ‘?’ and black FP “rocking on”. But I’m just too lazy to change it now.

    And I’ve just noticed that the comment section was a far cry from a certain comment section before… the one with Chuck Norris. I guess most people just played the game and left. 🙁

  4. ryanrab1

    brad I’m so pissed for you because FPA 2 got 2nd place daily pick instead of first to a stupid movie that last for 30 sec. and isn’t even on the front page.

  5. WJUK

    I gotta say, it was pretty well made. Animation was pretty good as well. But it won’t carry the longevity that FPA2 has.

    Don’t worry FPA2 will be top tomorrow. XD

  6. Nyubis

    FPA FTW!!!

    Everyone, keep on voting 5 to fpa and zero to the oher thing (or four cuz its pretty cool)

    fpa has only got 4.60 / 5.00 so far.


  7. As11

    Hey brad a few platforming related issues:

    1) In level 3, what’s the point of the platform to the far right of the exit?

    2) In the Adam Phillips bonus level, is it possible to get on the sixth, seventh, or eighth branches of the large tree?

    3) In the Adam Phillips bonus level, what’s the point of the two platforms with caves?

  8. tarwin

    Great work. I’ve only played the first few levels in any detail (I ran through the rest) and was massively impressed. Your attention to detail is amazing, your character “physics” really solid, and your level design has enough uniqueness and surprise to keep me playing.

    Congratulations on this second bigger and better Fancy Pants. I hope we see more from you in the future.

  9. WJUK

    @brainbox: You shouldn’t really play it at school. But if you wanna get on armorgames you can use ‘’ see if that works. 😉

    Not that I endorse stuff like this…

  10. liphttam1

    on level 4 after the first door

    if you start runing you jump over a candle

    to the left of the candle it says my name,

    So is fancy pants man’s name jack?

    jack be nimble, jack be quick, Jack jump over the candle stick!!

  11. Nyubis

    I found a bug-like-problem-thingy.

    In the trophies & pants room, when you go all the way to the right, jump
    aiganst the wall and hang there for a while.

    whe, your popup-blocker is off, you get uber-spawned with popups to

  12. foodmansam

    # DrNeroCF Says:
    January 10th, 2008 at 5:48 pm

    @foodmansam: I’ll be updating the game continuously, the ‘full’ version should be up within a week, hopefully sooner.

    And I dunno, I just felt like making FPM jump over a candlestick… psh, haha.

  13. FairlyObvious

    Y’all do realize there is no significance to the candle, right?
    He just wanted to put a candle there, so people could jump over it. Is teh joke, like the T-Rex holding an ice cream cone in one of the hills =P
    Oh and in case Brad doesn’t get to it today, guys, email any fan art you have directly to Brad. It makes it a lot easier for him to look at and such. It’s not as easy to have to scroll through comments to find it . . .

  14. gbuch

    By the way, can anyone tell me what the B button does?
    It says “toggle moving backround”, but I haven’t noticed any difference on pressing it…

  15. foodmansam

    I know im supposed to send this, but i dont know brads email…

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