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  1. WJUK

    @Amilir: Hit the spikes and you get back to the door. That’s how I got out.

    @Brad: lmfao! The rabbit ran out of bricks for his walls in his inner sanctum (if you wall-jump you can see them end).

    One major disappointment for me: WHERE’S THE PENGUIN?! Should have had him want to take revenge or something, you totally could have had a race stage where the penguin charges and attempts to catch you.

  2. WJUK

    Oh and I don’t know if this is your fault or Armorgames fault but when I return to the menu/title screen it opens a new tab for me (I’m using Firefox 2). Thought it was a bug or something…

  3. WJUK

    @Amilir: I couldn’t find another way, all the secret levels always lead out to the same place you got in anyway…

    @zymn: Yes, the boss fight exists and it’s harder than in FPA1 I reckon. Took me a few tries because I kept doing stupid stuff… ¬¬

  4. Kajenx

    I just played for a few hours. The whole game is just epic!

    I didn’t like Adam Phillip’s level though, because I couldn’t figure out where he was able to land…

    Such an awesome game though! Great job Brad!

  5. Platform

    I still can’t get to the boss.

    Found a bug though! In the select level menu, go all the way to the right! jump to the wall. you will hang on. Get up and jump in, and you die. Weird, huh?

  6. Platform

    How did you get to the boss? I keep on going into the door next to the blog sign. It takes me back to the menu. Do I refresh, or leave and come back, or wht?

  7. Platform

    w00t! I beat it! I followed the link from JayIsGames. Though I know that the link had nothing to do with it.

    The boss fight WAS a lot harder. I liked the little bit with the ice cream cone.

    So, what’s the next project, Brad? I hope it’s as good as this!

    coughsuggestionforWorld3cough It’d be cool to see an Evil Fancy Pants Man ala Dark Link/Cosmic Mario.

  8. foodmansam

    uh….. the reason that the cameo levels dont do anything yet is cuz there SHOULD be trophies, but there arent. I hope brad makes a better version with trophies, and it could be less buggy. If you havent submitted to newgrounds yet, dont, cuz theres to much more u need to add (there should be more crap to unlock like an awesome ending….)

  9. foodmansam

    o0o!!!! i thought of an awesome idea for a secret ending. If you get all trophies, and pants, and beat every cameo level, there should be an alternate with, uh, the bunny turnin giant, and a cutscene where FPM gets a pencil and fights with it. or a level where you fight with his pencil (I just remembered how a long time ago Brad Borne said something about how you’ve never seen FPM fight with his giant pencil. thought it’d be cool if WE could see it…

  10. tomato soup

    wow. this is awsome!!!

    i especially loved how you let other semi-internet-famous people do artwork

    nice job!!

    P.S Add music sound

    P.P.S Thanks for putting us in the credits :]]]]]]

  11. MadecK

    It seems the extras room is missing, because the pants you’ve unlocked are stored in the .sol file of the game.
    However, there is no entry for the trophies (yet?). Only for the doors to the cameo’s levels.

    [Sorry Brad if I wasn’t supposed to look at .sol files]

  12. WJUK

    @DrNeroCF(?): It may take more than one year… I’m too busy with programming/coding and debugging at the mo that I have no time to do other stuff I want:
    learning flash
    learning web design (CSS, XML etc.)
    and the rest of it.

    *sigh* College-life is hard…

  13. Zerris

    In an attempt to see how fast the game can be completed, ignoring colors and trophies…

    I got from the swing of the pencil in level 1a to the holding of the ice cream cone after killing the boss in 10 minutes, 47 seconds. Can anybody get it in under 10 minutes? I managed with 0 deaths, ran into only 1 spider, and slid down every slope I could find, so my time can’t be too horrible.

  14. holdenchild

    Wow. When I played World 2, I had 4 heart attacks, fainted 6 times, and died. Then I was brought back to life by the amazingness of this game.

    if (world2 = real) {
    Brad.Borne == MYHERO;

    I think I could make a game this good in about a gaZILLION years.

  15. bittersweet

    This game was awesome! Just like World One, I had a blast trying to figure it all out, especially the snail golf, which would be a great mini game with more colors… 🙂

    So will there be a World 3??
    If so that would be the bestest ever!!!

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