Q&A pt 1

I always feel weird about uploading these to YouTube for hosting. I can just see a bunch of people all like, ‘who is this guy, and why do I care?’ Oh well, still better than using my own bandwidth, I’m sure that banner is sucking up enough bandwidth as it is…


Questions addressed in this video are:

Where and when did you first come up with Fancy Pants Man?

Do you have the first drawing of Fancy Pants you made?

Where does Fancy Pants Man store his brain and other headly organs?

How did you get into game development?

What is your educational background?

What do you do other then makes games?

What are you using as a webhost?

How much did Armorgames pay you?

What is your girlfriend like?

How long have you been working on flash games?

Did you make Mindbender?

Can I have your MSN/AIM?

How do you pay for all this, do you have an actual job?

Have you made yourself a level editor?

What kind of pants were you thinking of when you created Fancy Pants?

Are you looking for any ideas for future games?

Is Fancy Pants Man’s wardrobe a reflection of your own?

Did you plan on making Fancy Pants Adventures a series? Did you mean for it to be such a big hit?


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  1. FairlyObvious


    I’m sure Brad will go through all of your suggestions before he makes World III to help him decide what NOT to do

  2. Rob

    So – when I throw in a swear word or two it automatically counts as me being “pissed off”? Interesting. By the way Mistercheef went about, it looks like denial to me.

  3. VideoGuy

    @WJUK: Oh yeah, the Christmas post.
    Interesting story: Before I became a memeber, I wanted to read the old posts and comments from you guys, so I would know what this blog was like. That included all 775 comments at Christmas (I still like that picture of Fancy Pants Man driving the spider sleigh). Yeah, you people went crazy then. Brad’s bandwidth bill must have benn $$$$.

  4. WJUK

    Wait, what?

    Let me get this straight. You read ALL the 775 comments for that post?! ALL?! That’s insane dude. Kudos to you for being so patient.

    I heard that he still didn’t need to pay for his bandwidth as it didn’t exceed his monthly quota. Well, it’s only text anyway, it won’t take up a helluva lot of bandwidth.

  5. FairlyObvious

    yeah but I think that was when there was still novelty in the 100th post!!! Let’s get to 200!!!
    Not to mention, then you posted things a lot less Dr. Nero 😉

  6. Rob

    Pfft, I just found out about the “rock-on” sign FPM does when tapping down. I’m so ignorant.

    Ah, and Brad, I’ve ordered myself a Pocket PC – this will be much efficient when working on the engine.

  7. Rob

    Well like I said, I wasn’t hostile at the time and had no intentions of starting an argument. It takes something big to blow my temper.

    Also – those two three-way matches (one with educk and his brother and the other with two different people) have been up on my YT channel for a while. Just click my name as it’s linked now, heh.

    Also, I participated in the Smash Wars Official SmashWorldForums tournament and have advanced to the brackets. Wish me luck, eh? I have a feeling I’ll need it, haha.

  8. educkface

    heh, you can see me noobily plucking pikmin right next to the edge so they fall to their doom 😛 Of course thats the match out of the two that you upload 😉 I should probably set up my capture card.

  9. VideoGuy

    @WJUK: Yes, I am that crazy. I read every singe one. They weren’t even that funny.

    @Brad: Yeah, good point. He just kinda sleeps up there all the time. Obviously, bandwidth isn’t a big problem for you.

  10. IQ52

    I just wanted to say, ever since I told my friends at school about fancy pants adventure I see people playing it in the media center, homeroom,and tech.They go crazy for the game.they also want to know if you are going to make world 3.

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