Q&A pt 1

I always feel weird about uploading these to YouTube for hosting. I can just see a bunch of people all like, ‘who is this guy, and why do I care?’ Oh well, still better than using my own bandwidth, I’m sure that banner is sucking up enough bandwidth as it is…


Questions addressed in this video are:

Where and when did you first come up with Fancy Pants Man?

Do you have the first drawing of Fancy Pants you made?

Where does Fancy Pants Man store his brain and other headly organs?

How did you get into game development?

What is your educational background?

What do you do other then makes games?

What are you using as a webhost?

How much did Armorgames pay you?

What is your girlfriend like?

How long have you been working on flash games?

Did you make Mindbender?

Can I have your MSN/AIM?

How do you pay for all this, do you have an actual job?

Have you made yourself a level editor?

What kind of pants were you thinking of when you created Fancy Pants?

Are you looking for any ideas for future games?

Is Fancy Pants Man’s wardrobe a reflection of your own?

Did you plan on making Fancy Pants Adventures a series? Did you mean for it to be such a big hit?


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  1. Nyubis

    If you havent got a “real” job, armorgames must pay enough for you to live…
    Unless you and FO share your money and FO has a “real” job. Do you two actually live toghether?

    Oh, and btw, I got a TI 84+ Graphic calculator 😛 did you say you can flash on it??

  2. FairlyObvious

    zymn we don’t have subways in New Orleans n00b
    he found me on a streetcar =P

    and Nyubis, no Brad and I don’t live together, I go to school and live in a dorm near where he lives and ever so often we meet up.

  3. WJUK

    Nice one VG (too lazy to type full name).

    I enjoyed that, the song reminded me of old westerns. Although it wouldn’t have hurt to turn up the brightness a bit, it was a bit dark.

  4. SuitedCriminal

    love the music video….but yeah i agree with “how-much-wood-could-a-woodchuck-chuck-wjuk” (ever since first seeing your name i started to call you that. first time i typed it :D) it is a little dark.

    also, i want to make another video…but….i cant think of any ideas 😀

  5. VideoGuy

    Thanks for the good comments. They don’t call me VideoGuy for nothing…

    Yeah sorry about the darkness, I had to just point a camera at the screen and tape it, since I couldn’t get Hypercam or any screen capture programs to work…

  6. WJUK

    w00t. I have a nickname already. Awesome.

    I’m just waiting for a rapping FP video.

    I wouldn’t have hurt to use some sort of effects in your video editing program (I’m just going to assume it’s WMM) so it’s brighter. Even only slightly. But apart from that, tis good.

    Oh and Brad, another idea for FPA3: AWESOMELY DRAMATIC CINEMATICS.

  7. IQ52

    Brad in world 3 can fancy pants man fly like there is a special pair of fancy pants that allow you to fly and you have to fly to defeat the boss level?(just spitballin’ here)

  8. VideoGuy

    @IQ52: Yeah, that would be awesome, but I had that idea first (if you don’t believe me, look at the last post). Fancy Flying Pants…

    @WJUK: Yeah, FPA needs more cinematics!

    Yeah, World 3 should have a ton of power-ups! How about one where you can wal through walls or have laser vision to hit spiders…
    That would be awesome!

  9. Rob

    @VideoGuy: Actually, there is more than likely some fan out there who thought of it before you. The same ideas for anything is pretty common no matter what you’re dealing with, also like how Brad stated he already thought of a navigating banner before you mentioned it. Nobody can really claim “I had that idea first.”

  10. Nyubis

    Yes! Power-ups!!
    and maybe a little rpg too.
    but just a little, otherwise its merely a non-skill-lots-of-time-game.
    but leveling up would be fun, so you could say:”bwahaha, i own you n00b” & stuff…

  11. WJUK

    I think it’d be pretty awesome if there was a uber-secret level that was actually the iconic first level from SMB! That would be amazing!

    Oh and the clouds don’t have to be the same as the bushes if you don’t want it to be.

  12. WJUK

    It doesn’t stop it from being utterly iconic. Maybe do the first level of SMB3 then? That game was absolutely LEGEN -wait for it… and I hope your not lactose intolerant because the next part of this word is: DARY.

  13. VideoGuy

    @Nyubis: Yeah, I’m not a hardcore gamer either. Half the time, I don’t even know what you guys are talking about (what does SMB stand for, anyway?). Thats why whenever you guys are having some kind of video game rant, I just don’t comment. I’m more into online games (like FPA obviously), since I don’t own any video game system. 🙁

  14. Rob

    FairlyObvious “died” on the 31st comment and now she resurrects for the moment to pop WJUK’s muscles and he dies as well? Ohnose. At least you went out with a bang, eh? I don’t believe anybody has ever went out by a muscle pop from a dead girlfriend of Brad’s. Cheers.

  15. BC Adrenaline

    You know I never could figure out what FTW meant and I still can’t…but for the record I figured out what SMB stood for before I read FO’s comment.

  16. VideoGuy

    @Mistercheef: Yeah, I can play all kinds of odd stuff on the piano too. I tried to learn to play the FPA music (is there anywhere I can download it, btw?), but it doesn’t sound very good on the piano.

  17. Nyubis

    You are Japanese?
    You should’ve came on this forum earlier, I had to make a work for school ’bout Japan.
    And you really can play the piano good. Congrats

  18. Rob

    @Mistercheef: That’s a famous video, and it is [i]not[/i] you. And don’t be all “lol i was jokin” to try and cover your ass. I frown upon fibbing and even more so when there’s false excuses.

  19. WJUK


    I think that’s pretty much means next year then… XD

    Somehow I highly doubt Mistercheef is Japanese. And I also doubt that’s him playing the piano.

  20. VideoGuy

    @Nyubis: Nice job. I especially like the part about my video being the first one on there! I’m kidding but yeah, it will probably take a little while to get it fixed.

    And while you’re at it Brad, do the Games page. I actually don’t know what other games you’ve made besides FPA.

  21. Mistercheef

    I really didnt think anybody would take it so seriously. Jeez rob, u notice how nobody else really is as pissed as u are? Of COURSE IT WASNT
    ME! (sorry nyubis, I feel bad I lied to you. You can get even with me anyway you want.)

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