Fancy Pants a fighter?

Ever since I let it slip in World 2 that Fancy Pants Man was at one point in time planned as a fighter in Newgrounds Rumble, several people have asked me to somehow get him into the game, quite a few even going so far as to suggest that I make my own fighting game! Looks like enough people ended up spamming NegativeOne’s inbox, because he finally gave in and, yes, I finished Fancy Pants Man’s sprite sheet for Rumble.

To mark Rumble’s 1 year anniversary, and incidentally, Rumble’s winning of the 2008 Newgrounds Tank award, NegativeOne and I finally got the little guy into the game. It’s a definite clash of styles, but I think he’s a lot of fun to play as. So, NegativeOne, thanks for letting FPM be a part of Rumble (and sorry about all the code I used in his moveset! haha). Also, a big thank you to MindChamber for making the menu art assets for FPM.

As a warning, Newgrounds Rumble is rated teen for mild violence, mild text, and mild adult themes. It is, after all, a fighting game based on Newgrounds characters. Play Newgrounds Rumble here.

So, there’s the latest reason why I haven’t been updating my site. Well, that and I’m at Disney World, haha.


  1. educkface

    throwing spiders as his gun? awesome!
    Strangly though, fpm shooting that squiggle gun kinda reminds me of shadow the hedgehog with his gun *shutters*

  2. ryanrab1

    Well I guess these guys can’t play it: IQ52, green954, foodmansam, AwesomenessFTW, Niall. Since their not teenagers yet. (lol)

  3. Lugbzurg

    Well, at the time the update of Newgrounds Rumble came with the newly-added FancyPants Man (and Hank), I hadn’t heard of him, yet. I found him to be quite amusing and decided to check out the franchise, and it instantly became my favorite “Newgrounds Series”… if you can really call it that.

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