Ah Valentine’s Day . . . sort of

Okay so I’m late, but give me a break haha. 

So in honor of the passing of February 14th I will post about something near and dear to my heart. 

Video games and relationships! 

I guess this means I should have played video games on Valentine’s Day instead of watching The Pink Panther . . . 

I know they say the closest way to a man’s heart is through is stomach, but I say its through his gaming. 

This was actually a conversation that I had with Brad this weekend. We both agreed that if it had not been for video games we would have never ended up together. If he was not a gamer then I wouldn’t have been interested, if I was not a gamer we never would have bonded. 

I can prove this too! Many a relationship I’ve had has ended because I can’t play video games with the current significant other. Once I realized how bad my now-ex boyfriend was at Super Smash Brothers the attraction kind of went downhill. That and he was a PC gamer . . . my brothers were very disappointed in my decision to date a PC gamer. No offense to PC players, but I’m a console girl. 

I was one of the lucky girls whose mom thought it was not a waste of time to play video games. She thought it was completely wonderful way to spend time. Gaming tends to bond people, and you learn a lot about the other by their style of gaming.  

I could give you many reasons for not dating other guys because of their methods while playing certain games. Not to mention their choice of characters. I have a hard time viewing a boy as a man when he is constantly choosing Princess Peach in SSB. What kind of man chooses a prissy girl in a pink dress with a parasol? We all know that Princess Peach was put in their specifically to appeal to young girls (which is why I never choose her). 

Anyway, despite the fact that Brad and I couldn’t really stand each other when we first met . . . okay well he couldn’t stand me, I was absolutely in love with him, he didn’t have any trouble sitting down and playing Soul Caliber with me. In fact, he always encouraged me to join in on the games. He also had issues if anyone else shot at me while we were playing Halo, he was the only person allowed to kill me. This went for SSB Melee too. So then the whole game became “Quick! Quick! Someone kill me before Brad does!” Needless to say, this allowed for a lot of laughter, and despite the violent way we seemed to be interacting, we were interacting, and bonding. The rest, as they say, is history. 

This whole article thing could be considered a continuation of my past post about video games being “The Great Equalizer”. It talks about how it’s great for couples and is a couple game that can be shared by any couple. With all these different genres and games, it’s just a huge plethora of fun for every couple, be you the blood thirsty screaming type or the shove your significant other into a pit full of lava type 😉

The one part of this article that fascinates me is this:

“Surprisingly, the fairer sex is more aggressive when it comes to playing to win”

DUH the fairer sex is more aggressive! What man wants to be beaten by the dominant female!! . . . 

oh . . . wait . . . I’m the fairer sex aren’t I? oops!

Well of COURSE I’m going to be more aggressive during video games. I’m a GIRL! I actually have something to prove when it comes to gaming. If a guy beats me that is perfectly normal, its EXPECTED, but if I beat a guy well then that’s an accomplishment. Not to mention, how much more attractive is a girl when she beats you at a game fair and square, no button smashing? Admit it, its one of the most attractive things in the WORLD! It makes that cute little button nose one of the most amazing things you’ve ever seen.

No guy wants to beat a girl at Pretty Pretty Princess, but every girl wants to beat a guy at Mario Kart. It’s a territory where they feel they have a slight edge. Not to mention for some reason I think girls love the idea that they can drive like a man in a video game, no more responsible driving! 😉 Oh well, you know what I mean.


  1. Thefox

    I would have to agree that it is very attracting when a girl comes close to beating you or DOES beat you. As I’ve almost lost in a very good game of SSBM. Video games are a great to get to know people. Based on who they pick, how they act when they lose/win, how they fight, are they tactical/use strategy or just kill relentlessly. You could go far enough to say it’s similar to a fingerprint 😉

    If only we could stop all those people who say “they are BAD for your health” etc…

  2. WJUK

    From my past experience, the fastest way to get to a man’s heart is through the chest. Or possibly the back, depending on your current position. 😛

    But yea, you’ll be surprised how quickly bonds are formed (or reformed) through video games. For example, Left 4 Dead. Not long ago I discovered 3 of my old school mates (who I had pretty much lost contact with) played it online together. I joined into a campaign game while they were playing and we’ve played together ever since.

  3. rawcru

    And, we can overcome ourselves when playing with others. Like in a cops ‘n crooks, when me and another guy beat up the whole oposite team. That was a game…

  4. WJUK

    I’m sure if you looked around more, you’ll find plenty of people to play with. 😀

    You can always play online too.

    The thing with video games is that it’s a lot more fun to co-op then to play against each other competitively IMO, and lately it seems the industry has finally realised this. And it’s great. More games need co-op. I can think of several off the top of my head that should’ve had co-op. Yea, I realised I went off on a tangent here. 😛

  5. gamer4life

    You can go to gaming stores too. I dont know how widespread this store is, but where I live there is a store called eBash.
    I t is really a great place. What you do is, say….. you want to play something on the PS3 but you don’t have one. You go to this store and you pay like $3 for one hour of playing any games on amy system you want. I go there all the time and make great friends.
    You could always look in your area to see if there are any stores like that. 🙂

  6. WJUK

    Wow, I wish there was a store like that near me. It sounds awesome!

    But our town is not that big, so the chances of such a specialist store like that is slim. 🙁

    Oh and gamer4life, let me point you towards this thread. The smileys are the same for the blog and forum. 😉

  7. DrNeroCF

    So here’s a little story. I was playing Halo 2 online a while back (or was it Call of Duty 2…), back when I still even bothered to put the headset on, and I was going around shooting faces and going about my merry way, no one was really talking, like usual, except for this one guy and one girl. The girl had said something early in the game, and, what do you know, it’s a female, and the other latched onto conversation quite eagerly. Anyways, so go on holding a normal conversation, something that has absolutely no place on xbox live, or most of the intertubes for that matter. Suddenly the guy goes ‘aaannd everyone here has been listening to us this entire time, I definitely forgot about that,’ and I pipe in with a, ‘yep,’ and I think they get embarrassed and become less talkative.

    Anyways, that’s what I always think of when someone brings up ‘omigosh girlz and gamez.’ Some guy who’s round was made just because he got some sort of contact with the female species whatsoever. It was actually kind of creepy…

    And yes, I thank/blame video games for my current relationship 😀

  8. WJUK

    Haha, you’d be surprised how often that happens in Left 4 Dead. For some reason, there seems to be a lot higher girls:guy ratio for Left 4 Dead on the 360.

    I joined into one game where two guys were basically trying to chat up the girl (who was conveniently being Zoey).

  9. gamer4life

    Hey I just wanted to say to Brad that I really think he should look into making games for Xbox live. You can go to this website
    and make your own games and put them on Live. Its not like a 123 ABC thing, you have to know what your doing. I for one would definetly buy ME 2D on the xbox.

    Just a suggestion. Who knows youve probably already heard about it. 😯

  10. WJUK

    @rawcru: That’s also true. Sometimes video games can bring out the worse in people, especially if they’re anonymous. Like XBL has shown us.

    @gamer4life: I’d love to see Brad create a XBL game too, it’d be brilliant. I’m sure Brad knew about the XNA thing already (XBLM has community-made games already).

    And SFIV is a good investment if you like fighters. If you loved SFII you’ll love SFIV. It all depends on you.

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