Full Mirror’s Edge 2D Network Beta released!

We’re still calling it beta because there’s still a few bugs to iron out with the saving and loading, but that’s the full game there. Playing the game while logged in should be far more stable, so that’s the recommended way to go (plus your game will be saved no matter the computer, so I heavily recommend it anyway).

Of course, if you encounter any bugs, be sure to let me know, there’s a leave feedback button on the page. I’ll be trying to patch everything up throughout the week…


  1. Cypriot21

    great game man
    i know there seems to be a few more bugs to fix. doesn’t really run that smoothly. but the level design and all is amazing. great job.

  2. Moony Suan

    talk about multiple paths, I just about lost my head trying to find everything! (not to say that I did yet)
    Maybe the flash God will manifest me a mini-map.
    Seriously though, great job and the high speed confusion just made it that much more awesome.

    …but yeah I guess there are still a few kinks to be worked out. One thing that kept happening to me is I would die while holding the evidence when I was crouched or something and then when I reappeared I couldn’t pick up the evidence when it was so low to the ground.

  3. DrNeroCF

    I’ll be doing some updating to ME2D for hopefully not too long, take a break, catch up on my gaming, then I’ll be able to get back to FR. Also have a few secret projects that I can’t wait to get back to…

  4. WJUK

    Wow, I didn’t expect that. It seems the website has succumbed to the “Digg Effect”. It’s now down. 🙁

    Is EA running the servers? They need more dedicated data centers.

  5. WJUK

    Yea, the website is officially down. It’s ‘cos so many people are trying to access it. Don’t worry though, it’ll probably up again soon. It’s such a shame something like this is happening, I was expecting the website to hold up to more strenuous use.

    You could probably try the link to the SWF file here. Apparently some people have been getting some success with that.

  6. DrNeroCF

    Sorry, was having some sound issues, I just sent them another build, it should be back up really soon.

    rawcru, is that the version that’s on my site? It’s definitely going to have some problems, we didn’t really bug test the local saving at all, heh.

  7. Nyubis

    *Bows to Borne The Almighty*

    All I can say is that the game is plain epic, and due to the multiple routes, it has a high replay factor. It also has a bit of a Prince of Persia feel; perhaps because of the wallruns (which I hope WIII will have as well)

  8. Nyubis

    Plz del my second post of this 4 post combo, tnx in advance.

    bug: I finished the game (again) and chose ‘continue’ afterwards. then I landed in the Room of Eternal Greyness.

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