Return of the Booth Babes . . .


I’ve been reading this, has anyone else seen this? 

Return of the Booth Babes?

as opposed to this

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So I don’t know what everyone thinks about the whole booth babe thing . . . but honestly, it annoys the heck out of me. I know that many might think its because I’m a girl and I just can’t “handle” the competition. 

Give me a Break . . . 

Here is my issue with the whole booth babe thing, they know absolutely nothing about gaming and it’s just insulting. Some people like to compare them to the women who lay across cars in auto shows, but there is a difference there. When someone comes into a car show or a boat show, they know about the cars. They know all the new ones, they know all the old ones, and they don’t really care to discuss cars with the woman in the bikini standing next to it. Now if you flash back to a video game conference where people walking about are overflowing with questions and want to know EVERYTHING about these new releases and what’s coming out next . . . the booth babes fall a little short. They aren’t even dressed in costume, that would be a bit cooler. 

There is another issue, if you dress as a character . . . at LEAST know something about the character. I think booth babes should go through a training session, I’m SERIOUS! They should go through a training session to know about the franchise, the company AND the game they are representing. They are getting paid for the job, they should learn something about it. 

I’m not writing off all booth babes here, don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there are a few, I repeat, a FEW who know something about video games. I highly doubt they are the majority though. 

Before we get into the entire “You are just jealous”, I’m really not, honestly, no joke. I’ve seen pictures of booth babes with their highly make uped faces and Hooters style outfits, I’m not impressed. I’m NOT saying that they are not pretty, but if I was walking through the conference with Brad and I was wearing a long sleeved shirt and jeans, his eyes wouldn’t wander. Oh, and I’d be wearing a reasonable amount of  make up.

So now that we have that issue aside . . . 

Think about it guys, what’s more attractive? A girl in a bikini who stares at you blankly and thinks atari is a lipstick color or a girl who is fully dressed, who thinks that Mario is the ideal Italian man for any woman. Okay maybe making Mario the ideal Italian is going a bit far . . . but you get the idea. We’ll say she’s a girl who launches into a full fledge account as to why Super Mario Bros 3 was superior to Super Mario World because (fill in the blank). OR girls that could sit and actually play a game AGAINST you and kick your butt . . . 

So what would you want? 

I’ll slap the guy who says the girl who stares blankly, you are the problem with the gaming industry today. 

I mean come on, even Hooters girls know the menu  . . .


  1. OreganoAc

    Actually, I believe both games are owned by Nintendo.

    Also, SMB3 is owned by me. SMW is not because I don’t have a Super Nintendo.

    You know what’s awesome though? Sega Genesis.

  2. WJUK

    And again, I’d have to agree with FO. The point of the booth babes are to sell the games and as a form of more attractive marketing. They should know what they are doing especially when they are attending a booth and representing a certain company.

    Oh and SMB3 > SMW IMO.

  3. Moony Suan

    Hey! I heard that rawcru.

    Yeah I’m blond, but I really don’t mind the whole thing. I might actually think it was funny and tell blond jokes all the time but I have yet to hear one that was anything much more than a 3 on the smile scale.

  4. WJUK

    Exactly. The games. That’s why E3 (or any gaming convention) even exists.

    The booth babes are just icing on the cake. If you know what I mean. 😉

    Makes me wish I could actually attend some of these games conventions, too bad they hardly have any of here in good ‘ol England. Maybe I’ll get to go to one in London.

  5. gamer4life

    Yeah I get what you mean. Still though, the fact still stands that they don’t now know a thing about games ( yes I know there are some that probably do) but the idea you said of them training was probably what E3 should do. Hey, two birds in one stone. Pretty ladies and video game info. 😉 🙂

  6. John

    Booth babes are terrible in pretty much every way. They condition nerds to expect that attractive women will lie around scantily clad, waiting to answer their questions and pass out free goodies. (The fact that they are usually clueless wannabe-models who are uninterested in video games and can’t actually answer those questions is unimportant.)

    It’s a disgusting double standard and it’s one of the most obvious symptoms of sexism among nerds. How many gamers would be okay with an equal (or greater) number of scantily-clad, well-muscled men showing up at such events? My impression is that, for the most part, they’d feel distinctly insecure and uncomfortable.

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