Newgrounds 2nd Annual Tank Awards

So, apparently my site’s been down for quite some time and I just now noticed because I don’t have internets at my house for the time being.

Also as a side note, I have a plugin for WordPress that’s half working, if anyone wants to get emailed every time there’s a new post on my site, just send an email to the address on the Contact Me page. If you want to keep it simple, just put ‘add me’ as the subject.

Anyways, figured I’d expand this post a bit, since Newgrounds is a huge part of my Flash games career, maybe even the only reason I ever got into Flash in the first place. So here’s a nice little story for anyone who really cares 😀

Click below to read it!

Now, I’ve always had a problem with the Web 2.0 moniker. Not that I have anything against user generated content or rich media content, since my games are technically both. But see, that’s the thing, long before the intertubes was proclaimed to be at version two point oh, some friends and I would gather around the computer, waiting for very silly or very very crude user created Flash movies to download over a 56k modem. A few of those really stood out to me. First was the Kermit Kombat series by Rocky Pinnicle of Neptune Circle . It was the first time that I saw a homegrown cartoon series with characters and a running plot that I actually cared about. You could tell that it was something that was just made by one guy just having fun, and really made me thing, man, I’d love to be able to publish something online that people actually care about.

Now I had been watching Flash videos for awhile, Newgrounds, had episodes of Dilbert and other cartoon shorts back then, can you believe there was actually a time when video on the internet was a rarity that I actually sought out because it was so cool? This was the days of the awful Real Player, and compared to full streaming video, Flash cartoons usually didn’t have much buffer time. I think the first time I had seen an actual game made by a single person in Flash that used any sort of physics was Gravity Ball II created by one of the early members of Tomorrow’s Nobodies. And of course, the legendary Alien Hominid by Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin proved once and for all that you can create a console quality game entirely in Flash.

I didn’t go directly into Flash programming, though. I had played around with BASIC on a Ti-86 in high school, but that was the extent of it. See, there was a time when I played around with video editing a lot, making music videos and stuff like that, and I started playing around with stop motion animation around the time that Robert ‘Knox’ Benfer was uploading his ‘klay’ shorts to Newgrounds. Realizing that Flash could do video (yes, Flash could stream video for years and years now, and it was just as bad then as it is now), I used that as an excuse to download a Flash trial and poke around with it.

So yeah, my first ever submissions to the interwebs were stop motion animations. They’re still on Newgrounds, but I’m not sure how many people have actually looked.

Eventually I started playing around with Actionscript, the first movie I submitted didn’t even have a preloader!

So yeah, as far as I’m concerned, Flash and what shareholders like to call ‘Web 2.0’ started years and years ago with Newgrounds. I really wouldn’t be here now if it weren’t for Newgrounds, and I’m sure that there are tons of artists out there who could say the same thing.


  1. WJUK

    Huzzah for double posting. XD

    But anywayz, congratz Brad. You definitely deserved it. You poured your heart and soul into World 2 (anyone can tell that) and you continued to update it after it was released. Not many developers are as committed to their games as you.

    And here’s to an even better World 3. 😀

  2. Nyubis

    World II is definitely one of the best flashes the internet has ever known (unlike the winner in the movie section…), and that was all because of your determination to making a real good flash. That’s why you truly deserve the award.

  3. WJUK

    I’d have to agree with Nyubis there. There’s just something magical about FPA, there’s real quality there. And I could easily see it becoming a downloadable game on XBLA or WiiWare or something.

  4. liphttam1

    @dmiche (too) if you actualy looked at the “FAQ” section of the site thouroughly you could read this,

    “‘Are you still accepting freelance work?’

    Probably not, unless the price vs. amount of work necessary is irresistible, I have a pile of games that I put on hold to get World 2 out the door that I can’t wait to dive back into.”

  5. WJUK

    It’s not impossible, just improbable. EA are probably exploring the concept since ME2D performed so well online. If they add some more levels and some other things, it’d make a great DS game. I hope EA can see that. To bad the actual ME game didn’t sell so well, that may have made EA lose some faith (no pun intended) in the franchise. But I’ve got to give credit to them for trying out new IPs.

    tl;dr: EA could make a ME2D console/portable game but probably won’t.

  6. WJUK

    @DrNeroCF: So have they said anything about the possibility of it Brad? It seems they did have the idea (and I’d be surprised if it didn’t). I’d be first to enlist to… er… BETA test it. Yea, I can do that. XD

    @liphttam1: I know what you mean. I played the demo and I’ve gotta say I’ve enjoyed it. One of the few demos I played repeatedly (the other being Left 4 Dead). The only reason I didn’t get the full game was mainly financial restrictions (surprise!).

  7. FairlyObvious

    I’m going to yell at everyone to yell at you to update your blog post because I CAN’T POST ANYTHING UNTIL YOU DO PER OUR AGREEMENT!!

  8. WJUK

    Did you load a back-up of the site or something cos I’m pretty sure there use to be comments after FO’s there. :S

    Anyway, it’s good to finally know something about your enigmatic past. I’ve always wondered what you did before Fancy Pants. I might just look around Newgrounds to find these stop motion animations. 😀

  9. FairlyObvious

    Tommy!!! Brad’s internet is gone, he hasn’t had it for three days. I think he’s going to pick up his modem thing today. So have no fear!
    although it’s kind of cute that you are so worried, awww

  10. liphttam1

    I don’t know if its my laptop or not. This site is run by wordpress and not brad’s computer rihgt? My laptop is about 6 months old. Right now as I type it takes a second for the letters to come up so I cant see if I’m typing correctly or not. And if this site is run by brad’s pc were dose brad live because if he lives in australia or somthing that might explain it. Or maby its because I deleated a old flash update so certen stuff is running slow.

  11. WJUK

    Do other programs run slow. If the letters are slow to come up, it’s definitely your computer. Looks like your CPU processes is running quite high or something, check task manager. And shut down any other programs you’re not using.

    I think the site is powered by WordPress but not hosted on their servers (at least I don’t think so, what with the custom domain name), the servers are probably in the US (at a pure guess) and you shouldn’t notice that big a gape in speed to load the page even if the server is on the other side of the world because the site is pretty lightweight. The only thing that should take a while to load is the banner thing.

    Oh and Brad when you get the interwebz back, I think the top-most banner thing is broken, it’s not there anymore. There’s just a white bar.

  12. VideoGuy

    That’s caused by the banner up top. The Fancy Pants engine takes up a lot of CPU, even if it is just running a small boxed banner at the top of this page.

    Banner looks fine to me, guess it got fixed.

    The site is powered by WordPress software but hosting on the server for independent of WordPress. Brad’s computer has nothing to do with it, and data moves extremely fast so location isn’t really an issue.

  13. Niall

    Nice job liphttam1! Just about to play it now – seems a bit slow, may just be my computer though.
    Hehe, I met this guy at an apple store when I went on holiday with my family to Massachusetts a while back, he was like a really friendly salesman showing me Scratch 😛 – I think he was from Hawaii or something, and had gone to MIT for his Scratch skills…I can’t remember exactly. Then just before I left I showed him FPA for the first time and he was like ‘yay’ 😀

  14. liphttam1

    The reason why it’s slow is because it’s featured Projects that are not featured have less comments and such that slow down the load time. Scratch is slow in the first place because it is run by MIT and there is no adds so It’s hard for them to upgrade there ram or whatever they need to upgrade.

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