The TRUE Great Equalizer . . .

What else you guys?

Video games. 

Yep, video games . . . 


No! Not SPORTS! What are you, crazy?


No! Not the workplace! Seriously . . . 

Yes, video games, I promise. 

Ah video games, the only thing left untouched by complete and total political correctness . . . probably why it is so quickly condemned. Maybe that’s why girls aren’t into them? I have no idea. 

I’m going to go ahead and post this link. However, I do think she misses the point . . . but that is just from my perspective. I love seeing another girl gamer out there, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t like the way she goes about making her explanation. I mean, honestly, half the reasons she gives a girl can find in just going to the mall. I’m serious on that too, if someone wants further explanation on how I came to that conclusion, let me know. I’ll probably make a post on why girls should play video games too, eventually, but it’ll be a completely different side then hers. 

Anyway, all that aside . . . 

So EVERYONE knows that I was raised in a neighborhood full of boys, three brothers, all guy neighbors, that was my life. Being a girl I learned fairly quickly (pardon my sexist remarks please) that girls really can’t do everything boys can do. Fact of life, sorry, I’m all about equality but I’m not going to lie to myself. I played football, baseball, basketball . . . everything, and there were some things that I could do just as good but overall it came up short compared to the boys around me. So where did I find my niche in this male dominated area? Video games. 

Video games, with boys, are universal. Every single boy has either played a video game or knows something about them. In the end, the real test in video games is experience. In this genre you can put a girl against a boy and they can TRULY fight to beat each other. It’s video games. It might be because there are so many types: shooters, RPGs, beat’em ups, etc. It kind of gives a wide range and allows for more versatile playing grounds. It also levels the field. A woman does not have to take any type of pill or receive any type of shot in order to make herself equal to the boy sitting beside her. She might prefer a certain type of controller or maybe play the game an hour more then the boy, but nothing about her has to be physically changed. 

I’ve also noticed, but this is just me, guys tend to be more impressed with gaming skills then with the skills you have on the basketball court. If a girl is too good at sports, they can scare the guy they are trying to impress. I should know, I’ve made guys bleed on the court before (I regret it, but it happened)

The fact is, video games are an open court. Anyone can become good at a game with enough practice. I think the massive blow to making video games a way to make girls and boys equal in something is that . . . well girls don’t know what to do with them. 

I’ll give you an example. When I was in college with Brad, it was the first time I really picked up a controller and played SSBB (horrific, right?) I’d usually watched my brothers and his friends play because I preferred Soul Caliber and Street Fighter, this just didn’t seem like my thing. Then Brad dragged me into it (thx honey) Anyway, I struggled at first but once I got the hang of it I started to get really good. This impressed Brad and the rest of the boys who played it so they constantly were asking me if I wanted to join in on a game. At the same time there was a girl who was desperately trying to impress Brad (I wasn’t dating him at this time) and tried to do so through video games. She made a huge mistake though, she played the helpless card. She just couldn’t figure anything out, it was too hard, couldn’t Brad help her? The only help Brad ended up giving her was only asking her to play when he had no choice. The way she was acting drove him nuts. 

Video games are the ONE field where boys do NOT think its cute when you can’t do it. 

Football, aw you can’t throw the ball, let me show you . . . 

Baseball, aw here let me show you how to hold the bat . . . 

and so on and so forth

and then there is the video game response . . . 




Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa the patience level goes down with video games . . . it doesn’t have anything to do with physical effort. It’s all memorization really and when a girl doesn’t learn the controls the guy gets sick of repeating them. So guys actually PREFER when girls can keep up on video games. They don’t mind putting themselves on an equal playing field. The girl just has to PUT herself on the field. Not on the sidelines whining because she can’t tie her shoelaces . . . 


I only hope this blog post makes sense . . . it’s kind of a lead up into something else I plan on discussing 😉

and Brad says I should reveal my guilty pleasure game soon, do y’all agree?


  1. Thefox

    Heh, i have to agree with just about everything you said. Most guys (at least I do) are really impressed when a girl can play videogames well. I find this very sad at times though, because videogames have become a thing “boys do” and most girls dont. Hopefully that’ll change in the future.

  2. rawcru

    Hey a friend of mine’s sister CAN play GH:WT drums o hard! I found that amazing. I must challenge her.
    Apart from that I really agree with all that you sayd FO.
    Unfortunetly, girls playing video games in my little smally city are really few. Still, I must challenge them. Hehe, I know I’ll win. xD

  3. FairlyObvious

    hey! I can play drums on hard . . . on Rock Band. I find that amazement insulting rawcru! 😉
    I’m also offended by your belief that you will always beat girls in a battle of gaming. *kick*

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