Oh how the mighty have fallen…

Rest in peace, Sonic, rest in peace… 🙁


  1. negativeinfinity.squared

    What the heck!? that thing looks like a headstone, and there’s not even anything sega in it! just a bunch of generic tempotattoos!

  2. Slugminni

    Likely, some generous soul made it look like a tombstone on purpose.
    That way, we ALL know what has happened here.

    But don’t worry, he still lives on the VC.

  3. Slugminni

    WTH is Halo: Custom Edition?

    Listen Brad, maybe you SHOULD add more Sonic-like features.
    Speed boosters, falling bridges, ziplines, Eggman…

  4. WJUK

    “And I swear to all that is good that Cutie Pants won’t be a thing like Sonic’s slow, stupid, imposing buddies from Adventure onward.”

    Thank god.

    If you wanted FPA to be more like the latter Sonic games just add a bunch of random people with annoying voices and horrendously long load times (Sonic The Hedgehog game, remember?) and you’re set. XD

  5. liphttam1


    Halo Custem edition is by gearbox, (the people who brought halo 1 to the PC) It has no Campaign mode, only multyplayer. The map files are open and unlocked so you can add more multyplayer maps into the game. These maps are made by fans and can be downloaded off of specific websites. The maps don’t need to feature masterchief as the charecter and can even feature link! As I said already a couple of the maps have sonic in them.


  6. WJUK

    Any help on adding stuff to the FPA article would definitely be appreciated. We have a forum topic about is as well if you want to post there.

    As for the Brad Borne article, we started one on VideoGuy’s page but it never really took off since we didn’t really have enough information to work with. Any help with that would be seriously appreciated. No kidding.

  7. Slugminni

    How ’bout
    “he purportedly based Fancy Pants Man’s design on his own wardrobe”?

    Hey Brad, are those flyin’ things in W1 bats or tiny dragons?

  8. qkilsdonk

    hey Brad
    i am curious. How much did you earn by people donating?
    (if you dont want to say, say what you could have bought of it :D)

  9. VideoGuy

    Er, we would prefer serious edits on that page. The FPA page barely got past its deletion nomination, and stuff like that certainly isn’t going to support the Brad Borne page.

  10. DrNeroCF

    qkilsdonk: Not very much, hence the InfoLinks and putting Adsense back on the site. Kinda disappointing, I’d rather not have ads cluttering up the site, but alas.

    If there’s anything you can ask me about FPA for the Wiki, shoot me an email or something.

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