E3 predictions ’09

Would be amazing if I could say that I’ll be at E3 this year showing off World 3 or something cool like that, but alas, I’m just on the consumer side of the news barrage once again.

Anyways, looks like most of the 3rd party info has been spilling out over the last few days, especially for 3rd party Wii games, since no news is going to stand a chance amidst whatever Nintendo finally decides to unveil.

Any guesses on what we’ll be seeing? Sounds like a new Zelda and / or Mario title is almost a given, same with more info on Wii Sports Resort, and something called Wii Fit Plus (maybe it’ll come with sunlight and fresh air this time around? lawlz I kid I kid).

As for the less whispered about stuff, I’m still calling (begging for?) a new Star Fox game this year. Would be nice if we saw whatever Retro Studios was working on, maybe even see a New(er) Super Mario Bros. on DS? Pikmin 3? Though that one’s probably most likely…

Either way, looks like we’ll be getting a much better ‘real gamer’ focused E3 from Nintendo this year. At least we better, after how badly Nintendo messed up last year. Heck, they even issued an official apology for their show!

Showing off FPA at E3… *daydreams*


  1. WJUK

    Zelda Wii with Motion+ = $$$.


    @liphttam1: I’m still not sold on ODST. It should be a good game but I’ll have to wait for some gameplay footage first.

  2. DrNeroCF

    Well yeah, ODST’s a shoe-in, though I’m still not really sure what it is, heh.

    Looks like the PSP Go got leaked early…

    Zelda with WM+ for new items and puzzles and stuff would be beyond $$$.

  3. liphttam1


    Well your blog isn’t the only blog I look at. I love the bungie blog to. And according to them halo 3 odst is a free-roamer!!! Sounds amazing expecialy cause bungie loves there easter eggs and in a free roam theres gonna be tons.

  4. DrNeroCF

    Oh, man, no I wasn’t at E3, was just sitting at my computer watching it unfold with the rest of the gamers out there.

    Wow, really? That’s crazy, I think I had actually played Scarygirl a little while ago and wondered if FPA had any influence on the platforming mechanics. Seems FPA is always more popular than I think it is, heh. Don’t believe I’ve ever spoken to anyone at indicade, though World 3 has a much better chance of being at E3 than World 2, if it’s not out before then, heh.

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