Some Cutie Pants

Releasing info before E3 seems like the cool thing to do, so here’s an early version of Cutie Pants’s run cycle so I can get some feedback on it and all that.

Hopeful there will be more test videos like this so you guys can see the progression of the animations.

Of course, watch it on itself for a much higher quality version…


  1. fancypantsfan250

    Aw, that’s kinda cute.

    Will CPG be going through the same levels FPM will traverse through, but use the cat and other abilities to get around the ramps and anything that needs speed to clear? Just wondering.

  2. WJUK

    It looks amazing in HD. 😛

    That’s great man, I’m starting to expect no less from you though. Looks like she’s noticeably slower than FPM, but what I want to see most is Kabootle and CPG together. But I guess you’re still working on that. Maybe a little demo is next so we can see how to handles (you could throw in FPM as well, for a comparison)?

    So, anyway, I’m expecting a conference later this week from you. XD

  3. fancypantsfan250

    A demo would be nice. A sample level suitable for exploring CPG’s abilities with the cat and such. Or update the banner with a door that switches between FPM and CPG (make it so that the door FPM enters through doesn’t disappear. That’ll be the switching characters door… >_>).

  4. liphttam1

    Oh… We were already talking about this earlyer. Cutiepantsgirl or CPG for short is going to have a cat named Kabootle. Cpg wil be able to use Caboodle to do certent tasks. Posabaly (I beleive we discussed it a while back) cabootle will be able to use his/her claws to hold onto a ceiling and cgp will swing across gaps on her tail. Cpg also is going to be slower but will have a double jump.

  5. jesus_minime

    hey brad, whats the animation like for when you press down while running on CPG? does she do like a cart wheel or something?

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