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This hit me during Shigeru Miyamoto (you know, Mario’s dad)’s roundtable that just ended, and I figured this needed a separate post, so be sure to still check out the next post for the rest of my super important opinions, heh.

Here’s the quote from IGN:

Q: Microsoft and Sony showed their motion controls. I would like to hear Mr. Miyamoto’s feedback.

A: Miyamoto says for Nintendo the strategy is to do development and get the hardware ready and have software ready and then make the announcements. Until this new technology reaches that level, it’s really impossible to make any judgement on it. “Of course, we’re working at R&D at Nintendo. The things that we’ve seen here are things we’ve seen before,” he says. He is in favor of motion controls and anything that gets players moving.

Think about that one for a moment. What would happen if Nintendo came out and showed off all of the new hardware that they have in R&D right now that’s just as unfinished as Microsoft’s and Sony’s motion controllers? They would be showing off TONS of stuff that might never make it to the market.

Thing is, Microsoft and Sony KNOW that they need to have motion controls hit the market, even though they’re still working with very early prototypes right now. Because of Nintendo and the Wii. Hmmm…

Btw, new Wii Zelda just confirmed as continuing the Twilight Princess art style (and maybe being WM+ exclusive) 😀 Sadly, that’s about all the new info that’s out there right now…


  1. WJUK

    I was actually disappointed Shiggy didn’t take the stage in the E3 conference. But what you say is true, MS and Sony had to show something to stay competitive in the market (Sony’s apparently was a really early prototype, as evident by the fact that they didn’t have an actual game working for it just tech demos really). Announcing things really early has never been Nintendo’s style, and besides if they do it just gives the competition more time to copy it. 😉

    Sometimes I wish I could see what they do in Nintendo’s R&D department. It’d be mind-blowing.

    I liked TP’s art style so that’s a good thing, I’m expecting slightly better graphics (at least) since it’ll be built from the ground up for the Wii.

    @CPG: I don’t see her in the header… :S

  2. fancypantsfan250

    @ Nyubis:
    I dunno about sliding, backflipping, or rolling. Walljump and headbanging don’t need to be in. Ducking is possible. Doors and idle does need some work. Switching between FPM and CPG still needs to be done.

    On topic: A new Wii Zelda I would like. Microsoft and Sony should probably not even bother in the first place with their motion controls. Doesn’t the PS3 have the Sixaxis controller? That’ll suffice for a few cases, I say.

  3. xtrem

    Oh come on guys(surprise i’m back) give Brad a break, i know you guys have to share your ideas but he has been working hard isn’t it enought and i’m really thankful to fairlyobvious for helping him and charming him with the lovey-dovey language yeahhhhhh.

  4. Lazor

    Yes, Microsoft and Sony did reveal things that may never come out in the near future, or at least will not come out in a finished form. Sadly, they tend to do this with everything.

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