A call to arms!

Addicting games is having a contest, and Fancy Pants Man is up for the most Courageous Stick Figure Stunt award! And if you don’t believe that traveling to the depths of a cave to wake up the sleeping Angry Penguin isn’t the most courageous stunt that you can think of (besides maybe getting his tasty ice cream cone back from the Angry Rabbit), what you doing on my internets??


Being Courageous, Serious Business!

Woot an official badge thing!

Click the badge, click VOTE 😀

Vote and then check out the action on Nickalodeon on June 27th, 5pm (PST)!

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  1. educkface

    heh, guess I am kind of boycotting mofunzone just like you are doing to addicting games. To me, mofunzone is the ebaumsworld of flash games.

  2. imbored

    Oh hey i just heard Fancy Pants didnt win… *sigh* Dont get me wrong, I love electric man 2, but i love fancy pants waaayyy more. And chronotron was definatly the best robot game. And Brad, good luck with the wedding and all that. Well, we are all looking forward to any more news on World 3. I’m really only commenting because I’m bored so… yeah.

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