yay animating

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I’ve been adding all the engine refinements from ME2D back into FPA. Crazy how much better the game looks with character rotational smoothing. No more jitters, yay!

Fancy Pants Man now has 3 separate run cycles, want to add a whole bunch of different jumps too. I’m nuts. Got a lot of animating ahead of me. Good thing I love animating.


  1. WJUK

    Haha, you’re just gonna get me psyched about FPA3 way in advance.

    I can’t wait until you release a demo so we get to see everything that you’ve done to improve the game.

  2. DrNeroCF

    Heh, you have to realize, I made World 1 when I had no idea what I was doing, and I made World 2 half while in college, and while constantly taking breaks from it to make money from contract work. Not to mention I had to rewrite most of the engine to work somewhat correctly (got to fix it even more for ME2D).

    So I get to spend all that dev time on animating, plot, new baddies, extras, etc.

    I’m still paranoid that I’m going to ruin the thing with too much polish (I need to make a post comparing video games to music, too much polish and post processing can suck the life out of a good band), so I’d like to get some playable bits up once I get the current additions working correctly.

  3. Nyubis

    Sounds like W3 is gonna have the best gameplay and smoothness ever seen in a flash game 😉
    Also, a few bugs were you can run on the ceiling as in W2 would still be fun.

  4. spaceracer2

    This gonna be the most awesome flash game ever (it’ll beat FPA2).it oddly took me a looong time to get the colors until i finally decided to cheat and use the color guide u have posted.i had been stuck on the black pants and already had the rest.the trophies are pretty cool.

  5. xtrem

    when is the next post will it be about cutie pants animation because she can’t open doors and she can’t crouch and i think world 3 will come in christmas 2010. deadline

  6. coolman1081

    FPM’s vehicle of choice unicycle
    CPG’s vehicle of choice wooden horse
    i know the idea vehicles has came up before but but come you know you want to

    PS. sorry i started the whole release date guessing thing

  7. liphttam1

    I forgive you. But please phrase comments more carfully

    “the idea vehicles has came up before but but come you know you want to”

    It should be

    “the idea of having vehicles has came up before but come on you know you want to”

    3 errors in one sentence makes it hard to read.

  8. greatestguy

    also, about the release date someone posted on wikianswers that it would come out July 31. I was all excited, and I search for it and find this site instead. Not that this site is bad, it’s just not W3

  9. liphttam1

    A brumak. No realy. It would be one of those fast pased “OMFG RUN ITS CHASING US DOWN A HALLWAY THE EXACT SAME SIZE AS IT SO WE CAN TURN AROUND!” Kind of moments. It would be so cool. Exept the brumak would be pink.

  10. fan187

    Oh, and just becuse I’m pondering it, which should I get? Sonic unleashed or sonic and the black knight? I’m a half sonic fan and im going to get one or the other, no argument. And I’m geting unleashed for the wii. I know, I know…the wii version isn’t as good…

  11. liphttam1

    Ok, since you guys answered my ROM question so well last time I got another one for ya. Ok, lets say I download Itunes music on my laptop. But whats this? All of a sudden my laptop gets eaten by a walrus. It’s gonna be a while until I can get it back. Would it be illegal to go to my PC and pirate the music that was on my laptop?

    I know it’s probably yes. and I should be getting my laptop back soon (stupid walrus). But this forum has been a little dry for the past couple of days.

  12. DrNeroCF

    Well first and foremost you should always make legal backups (Apple’s TimeMachine, USB External, etc). You can email Apple and in some cases they’ll let you download all the music over again, but it’s not part of the terms of service that they’d have to…

    But yes, that would be illegal too 😛 The only grey area about music backups is when you make the backups yourself, and even then, the RIAA insists that you’re not even allowed to make backups of your own CDs to put your own music on your own iPod.

  13. ZzeMassacrezZ

    i think ive spent more time trying to figure out every secret to all the FPA’s than anything ive ever done lol, possibly one of the most addicting games of all time. I hope world 3 is just as good 😀 (its prolly gonna blow the other two out of the water anyway, but im still hoping for a great solid game that i can play instead of paying attention in class) 🙂

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