Well well . . .

Update: 9.3.09

Check out Theater 4


“Well look at that…it looks like that ‘Okamiden’ trademark was for Okami on the DS! We aren’t sure if it’s a remake or a sequel, but I’m sure more details will come in very soon. Thanks to all that sent this in!”

The scene definitely doesn’t look familiar to me and the overall graphic is completely different so I’m GUESSING it’s a sequel.
If this turns out to be a hoax, I will curl up into a corner and cry.

BUT!!!! For now!
*happy dance*


  1. liphttam1

    I tried two stores to find okami… They both didn’t have it. Either nobody wanted to trade it in because it was so awsome. Or there weren’t any games to sell anyways.

  2. liphttam1

    Thanks WJUK you know whats wierd it says ground mail and it was shiped 7 hours ago and it’s already there (According to ups package tracker). Google maps says it takes one day and 3 hours to get there. That was fast….

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