World 3 Progress Report 1

Hopefully this is the first in a series of progress reports on World 3. I know I never post as much info about the development of World 3 as I’d like to, so I’m going to make an effort to consistently post updates on development. Hopefully I’ll be able to make these on a weekly basis.

To start off, we have:

– Advanced pencil combat and movement techniques.
– What exists so far of the sword fighting pirate baddie.
– Combat with flying enemy concept
– First video of Squiggleville 🙂

Next video should be much more interesting, got a few things I’m working on that hopefully everyone will like.

View the video from YouTube to watch it in HD!

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  1. FairlyObvious

    We just got back from GDC, the progress report will come later in the week. Brad and I will post about our experiences at GDC and I have two orrrr three reviews to write, though some of that might be incorporated in the GDC post.


    no one ever called you the “bad guy” dunno where you got that from

  2. Electron

    We’re secretly trying to take over the world. Course, now he’s gne and told everyone he’s evil. If it weren’t for that meddling kid…

  3. Slugminni

    Electron, I assume you were talking about me, in which case I am not a “guy”, the phrase “bad guy” is just all-encompassing. And I am honored that a mod’s favorite poster is “secretly working with me”, if I am really who you meant.

    And Fairly, it certainly looked that way.

  4. FairlyObvious

    @ Slugminni
    I don’t care how it “looked” that’s not what I said, period.
    Don’t take teh interwebz seriously, it will only break your heart.

  5. Slugminni

    That’s what I was alluding to by blaming it on Internet posting instead of you. I would never insult the wife of one o’ my favorite game developers. PERIOD.

  6. FairlyObvious

    You shouldn’t insult at all, no matter what the relation. If you were to blame Internet posting then the comment on how what was said “looked” was unnecessary.
    I was simply saying I never called you the bad guy, which was true. No one was ever the bad guy. That’s all. There was never any insult, there was never any bad guy.

  7. electron

    Thanks guys! (I still like your animation, though, slugminni, simple, “crappy” or not! BTW, can’t wait to see your next one)
    I’ll most definitely put that stuff on the forums.


    Ummmmmm I dont meen to make anybody mad but armorgames. IS CRAP!!!!!!!!! IT WANT LET ME PLAY WOLD 2 ANYMORE DUS ANYBDY NO ABOUT THAT????????!!!!!!!!!LIKE DUS THAT HAPPEN TO ANYBODY ELSE????????????????????????????

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