Miles Edgeworth . . . TAKE THAT!!

So I finished playing Miles Edgeworth: Investigations (Nintendo DS) a little while ago. Brad bought it for me before we headed up to GDC, to provide myself with some entertainment. I’m a huge Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice fan so I was extremely excited to get this game. At first I was disappointed because I thought that they’d ripped out the audio whenever Miles Edgeworth said “Objection!” or “Take that!” or “Hold it!” then I realized that apparently my headphones just weren’t picking it up. Lucky for the game otherwise I would have given it a straight 0/10 and counted my losses . . . Well maybe more of a 8/10 maybe, I mean if you’ve played the Phoenix Wright games you know that the audio makes the game.

Anyway, the game.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Phoenix Wright series, basically you play a defense lawyer that defends his clients. It sounds boring, I know, I felt the same way when Brad handed me the DS game. However, if Brad is addicted to a series then that counts for something.
Anyway, Miles Edgeworth is a recurring character in the Phoenix Wright series, basically he’s the Chuck Norris of prosecutors so he IS technically your enemy but he’s way too awesome to hate. His character is developed throughout the Phoenix Wright series so I suggest before you play this game playing through the Phoenix Wright series because Miles Edgeworth:Investigations has several allusions, throwbacks to old characters, and flashbacks. They should be relatively inexpensive now that they’ve been out for . . . well . . . .forever. Before you roll your eyes at this suggestion I WILL tell you that this series has proven it’s amazingness to me because my younger brother, J.B., became just as addicted to it as I became. It made me realize I wasn’t just crazy or fooling myself because I dearly love my husband and I would hate to tell him that one of his favorite videogames is complete trash. My usual gauge of how awesome a game is before I play it is how much Brad likes it and how much J.B. likes it, so when I handed the games off to Jude and he told me how awesome they were I knew I’d struck GOLD! Sort of.

Okay, well, for those of you who have played Phoenix Wright you may be a bit disappointed to know that pretty much none of the game takes place inside a courtroom. Strange, I know, but the game definitely makes up for it in the abundance of characters (some old faces, some new, play the games earlier in the series . . . ) I did wonder what kind of insult the other characters would give ol’ Miles (in the past games usually people made fun of the main character’s hair) and I did get a chuckle when everyone just referred to him as “pretty boy” or the girls around him just had massive hearts in their eyes whenever they gazed at him. For the record there were no real hearts in their eyes like the sometimes do in anime, it was just implied.

I did find it funny that all of the annoying ticks that Miles Edgeworth had in the earlier games made me feel nostalgic and they were pretty much endearing whenever he did them in this game.

Oh, the “adversary” that appears a bit later in this game is pretty awesome. The people that do the character art for these games are geniuses. The dialogue can get a bit PG-13 (mild language) but the game is more of a teenage to adult game anyway. I can’t imagine an eight year old picking up a game where you play a lawyer . . . no offense to all the lawyers out there. Character art is genius though, and the development of the games are always flawless. Sometimes the cases run a bit long so I ALWAYS suggest saving after Miles makes a point or solves something. Which brings me to the next addition to the game . . .

Milezy apparently is huge on logic, so whenever he discovers something that could potentially be “connected” to something later it flies off into his Logic box (or something). Usually when you are stuck and you’ve gathered evidence and questioned everyone, that means that you have two things in your Logic box that need to be connected. It’s pretty cool how they did it, I thought it’d be annoying at first, but once you get the hang of it you can see how it brings a different dimension to the game.

I’m getting up to around 800 words so I should probably cut the review off here lest I start revealing stuff that shouldn’t be revealed o0o0o0o0o0o0o . . . . yeah stupid I know but whatever.

In short, if you are a huge fan of the Phoenix Wright series buy this game. I had my doubts, I was not disappointed. If you’ve never played the Phoenix Wright games WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE GO BUY THEM NOWZ!!! SRSLY . . . . waiting . . . . you’re still here aren’t you? Oh well I tried.

Edit: btw guys I was thinking of possibly reviewing a few flash games just so there is some filler when I’m playing a long game, is that something y’all would be interested in reading? They’d be shorter (obviously) but could be interesting.


  1. FairlyObvious

    @WJUK Haha you caught that too! Lol pingbacks
    I think Brad has a demo for that (Harvey Birdman) on his PSP. He wants me to play through a few of the games he bought on there and review them.

  2. hamcheese362

    whats a pingback? anyways, do a review on FPA… 3… 😛 jk yeah itll be nice to have some reviews on flash games… cuz some of us can’t find their DS…

  3. Wallross

    Flash game reviews would be pretty great, and theres always an abundance of them. You may need to review a more popular one this time.

    Also, with Miles Edgeworth, he turned from a prosecution lawyer into a P.I. Theres some serious character development…

    [EDIT] I got ninja’d

  4. hamcheese362

    this is the second time i lose it the first time i lost it for a year and a half then conveniantly found it in my closet…. but now i lost it again… you found your ds in your purse??? lol… ill check my purse…jk im not a girl… how bout red ball and blue ball adventure… if that is a flash game. i used to be 2 balls just rolling around… but now they have hands and feet whitch killed it… it was so fun… :'(

  5. WJUK

    I’ve never experienced it but a friend has. That being said, his case was not as extreme as yours. Only one of his hinges broke.

    And yes, Duct Tape fixes everything. And I mean everything.

  6. jesus_minime

    @electron: just played through “mind bender”.. it was, uh… strange? REALLY glitchy, and in the end, i just really didn’t understand the game. i’m not sure if it was SUPPOSED to be like that, but it was kind of weird.. ok, REALLY weird.

  7. jesus_minime

    *plays through “mind bender”*

    wow, you can tell brad was only helping with the game, his standers are way to high for this thing to be released already, there are STILL a whole bunch of glitches, and the level design is kind of annoying too. /:{

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