The iPad is epic win. Maybe I’ll finally answer my massive backlog of emails (sorry everyone who’s emailed me recently!).


  1. jesus_minime

    the thing is, if they made a flash plugin for the iPod/iPhone, they would lose a LOT of business. most of the games and apps have flash versions. if they made a flash plugin, people would stop buying ALL those apps… there goes the neighborhood. 😛

  2. Brad

    It’s a big iPod in the same way that my PS3 is a big PSP, or my stereo is a big headphone, or surround sound is big stereo, or a car is a big go car, or a jet is a big hang glider, or a space ship is a big plane.

    That’s seriously the worst arguement against the thing imaginable, it’s really not comparable (btw, I’m touch typing on the thing in landscape mode right now, good luck doing that with an iPhone (and my thumbs are hell a fast on an iPhone).

    There’s so many interface improvements to the iPhone OS it’s not even fair. Check out the AIM app (and I hate AIM), or even the YouTube app, it’s a completely different computing experience. It’s like using a computer without the computer. The tech just melts away (which, admit it, is the ultimate goal of any tech, to not get in the way of the experience.

  3. jesus_minime

    exactly, WITH OUT the computer! whats the point of having a really big touchscreen that just has to leach off other OS?
    the iPad is just another annoying handheld that you cant do anything on unless you hook it up to a computer.
    i mean, if they had put in a usb drive it would have been a bit better, but i still don’t think it will do well.
    i may be prvoen wrong, but as of the current, iPad (in my book) = fail.

    and comparing the iPad to the iPhone, is nothing like comparing a plane to a space ship. planes were made to explore earth, space ships were to explore space, iPhone are to explore the power or touch tech, iPad is the same thing… only has batter graphics… and a 10 hour battery life… and updated programs….. that you should be able to get for the iPhone.. they just won’t work because the iPhone’s screen is to small to have any sort of precision…. thats why i sold mine…

  4. Brad

    @jesus_minime: And why should I have an OS to perform simple tasks? Why deal with a computer when I can lay on a couch and hold just the web page? The iPhone and pad are used almost completely differently, you can probably accomplish many of the same tasks on both, but I could surf the web on a Dreamcast, that didn’t make it a good PDA.

    In interface improvements alone the pad still stands out. Look at the universal Pandora, AIM, or YouTube, Photos, or Pages. You really do use the thing completely differently.

    AND you can tether a bluetooth keyboard to it, so I’m not really sure why you think it requires another OS, apart from the first setup. I left my laptop at home this weekend, I’ll tell you if I miss it (I did forget my keyboard, though, but do far so good on that one too).

  5. wallross

    The iPad is an amazing piece of tech because of most of the features that JM mentioned, but it would be the same if you were to scrap all of the new abilities in world three, and were to just add new levels to all the world 2 physics. It would just be more of an expanded version of world 2, then world three.

    Same with the iPad, it’s more of a better, bigger version of the iPhone and iPod Touch…

    With the whole flash plugin, maybe make it for the Nano, which doesn’t use apps, and not reducing the force of the app market.
    And lots of people jailbreak their Touch and iPhone anyway…

  6. Pieman

    Actually, it depends on how you’ll use it. If you’re gonna go out or something it might be more comfortable to just bring your iphone or itouch instead of carrying the ipad around all day.

  7. Brad

    “only has batter graphics… and a 10 hour battery life… and updated programs….. that you should be able to get for the iPhone.. they just won’t work because the iPhone’s screen is to small to have any sort of precision…. thats why i sold mine”

    Good news, the iPad screnen is huge and super precise and awesome 😀

  8. electron

    Yeah, I personally have mixed feeling about the iPad. I mean, sure, I want one, but it IS a little useless. Although, I think people like it for the same way people like huge flatscreen TVs; you could watch all the shows on a tiny little TV, but why settle for that when you can have like 53 square miles of glorious pixelated win?
    I think the comparison of Fancy to Apple makes sense; FPM3 will have more levels, and the iPad will have more features too. The question is only whether or not there are enough new features to make it worth buying, and according to Brad, yes there are.
    So I can see why people are hating on it and drooling over it. Kinda like twilight.

  9. wallross

    @Vick: The Dualshocks are two different versions, while the iPad is
    a completely different product.

    I like the iPad, yes but I reckon it should have been branded as more of a Super iPhone then a new product…

  10. Brad

    @electron: you can understand why people drool over Twilight? I can’t :/

    @Vick: Well, the 360 controller is more of an xbox 1 controller minus all the suck, while a dual shock is an SNES controller with two analogue sticks glued on. Unsuprisingly, Nintendo has moved on from the SNES design long ago. Same as Android has finally become competitive with the iPhone, and Apple has moved on to the next generation of touchscreen computing.

    @Pieman: Oh I’m not trying to convince anyone that it’s worth buying, I’m saying that this is the future of mobile computing. It only get more powerful and useful from here. Final Cut Express made for multitouch? Yes please! Keep everything segregated like it is on the iPad and nothing ever has to gets more complicated and less accessible.

  11. Brad

    @wallross: All dualshocks are the same thing 😛 The iPad is the opposite of tacking on extra features and never using them.

    If the iPad was nothing more than a big Touch, I wouldn’t consider it to be very interesting, but it really is a very different, multitasking and multi sub menu driven experience.

  12. Vick

    @Brad Xbox 1 controller minus all the suck = DualShock controller, DualShock is a better version of the SNES, ect. Like I said, the next generation builds off of the most successful of the last generation.

    • Brad

      @Vick: The dual shock 1 is the dual shock 2 is the dual shock 3. There’s not a single game on the ps2 that uses the pressure sensitive buttons well (usually I just wasn’t sure if I was holding the buttons down all the way and ended up with sore fingers while driving in Grand Turismo or running in GTA), and what uses the accelerometers well on the ps3? Flower is about it? The dual shock 3 / sixaxis have trigger buttons that far significantly more awful than older buttons.

      Holding and using any dual shock controller is almost an identical experience over the iterations, if anything they’re worse.

      Not to mention the design is terrible to begin with, you would want the dominate thumb pad to be in the dominate position, not cocked downward. Oh, and my thumbs hit each other while playing FPSes if I turn and strafe at the same time.

      Sorry for the rant, but I HATE the Dual Shock, and they’ve only gotten worse…

  13. Vick

    @Brad No need to be sorry, your entitled to your opinion and, though I have to disagree, I respect your opinion. To me the DualShock 3 is a awesome gamepad but everyones diffrent and we all have our own likes and dislikes… it’s just that, sadly, I have to disagree. 🙁

  14. WJUK

    While I don’t hate the DS controllers like Brad does, I personally feel that the current Xbox controllers are better. The old original Xbox controllers (hah, anyone remember those?) were a little OTT though. Adding more buttons does not make a controller better (seriously though, a black and white button? Seriously?).

    Good thing MS realised this. The current Xbox controllers were originally a “lite” version of the old one too, people liked it so much they decided to keep it for the next generation. Otherwise they would’ve stuck with the old controllers.

  15. FoonySlugminni

    Um, I’m not too sure about all this “future of computing” thing. Maybe Brad is right, there is certainly potential that they can expand upon. But to me, the iPad itself is not really a computer, more of a task manager that is more fun to use than an iPhone or iPod Touch. Its major drawback is that I don’t want to pay so much for something like that… If it had a phone or a camera, maybe, but I don’t think it does, which is odd considering that the iPhone has these.

    But even though I won’t BUY it, I still respect it if Brad has given it good marks, and he certainly thought he could afford to buy it.

  16. Brad

    So a computer isn’t just a glorified task manager?

    Of course there’s still the price, but if it lets me lie in bed and answer emails and comments even quicker, then I’d say it’s worth it to me. And Fairly won’t stop playing Plants vs Zombies on it… It’s amazing how much better click based gaming is on the thing…

  17. electron

    Told ya. Oh yeah, and Plants vs Zombies is LIKE MAYBE THE SECOND OR THIRD BEST GAME EVER!!! (FPM wins first no sweat) I would love a PvZ review from Fairly, though. Would be quite awesome.

  18. Brad

    Course it doesn’t support Flash. Have you used Flash on a mobile device? It’s teh lawlz.

    It’s always funny being at conferences where Adobe’s trying to convince you that Flash on mobile phones is useful in any way. Personally I don’t exactly want to release another Bejeweled, and Flash is way too slow and stupid for anything better. Adobe just needs to buy ScaleForm, bah.

  19. Minifig3D

    Still, that is one thing my computer has that the iPad doesn’t. I guess this means no fancy pants adventures for the iPad either. 😉

  20. Brad

    That’s the only thing your computer can do that an iPad can’t? My computer can play Crysis with 7.1 sound, make Flash files, run Final Cut Pro, churn through HD video, run video conferences… oh, and print things.

  21. Trashcanham

    I see the iPad the same way I see the MacBook Air. I’d love to have the higher end MacBook Air with 128GB solid state but I’m definitely not spending all that money on it.

    Future of computing: Yes.
    Time for me to buy one: Not even close.

    • Brad

      The main difference here is that for the same price you could get a 15 inch Macbook Pro with a 9 hour battery, DVD drive, and 500 gig HDD.

      For the price of an iPad you can get… A 12 inch Dell with a 16 gig SSD that with a bad keyboard that can hardly browse the web?

      • boy1dr

        so you admit that apples software is bad! “that can hardly browse the web”. honestly, there software is good but for cheaper you can get a better android tablet!

  22. Dodo

    Well, i would not waste that money on that stupid thing… i can buy a NEW PC with that price….. anyway, another thing, it can only run one application at a time… even my stupid 3 year old phone can play a song while smsing… well, it still would be fun to use a large touch screen thing.. 🙂

    • Brad

      Nope, you can buy a whimpy, underpowered PC at that price. I can’t make Flash games on my iPad, I also can’t make Flash games on a 500 dollar netbook. Hell, my mouse is 1/5 the price of the pad. My Intuos was 3/5, the software I work with is far more.

      You can’t try to convince me that there’s a reason for a 500 dollar, underpowered, cramped keyboarded netbook to exist, and in the same sentence put down a 500 dollar, extremely easy fun and intuitive to use, limited function, focused tablet. Sure they’re both little more than toys, but that’s because one is fun to use and the other is useless for serious work.

      Contrary to popular belief, the iPhone has multitasking with most of the built in apps, iPod keeps playing unless the app kills it specifically. OS 4 does multitasking the same way Android does, so not like it would even really affect how most people use the phone, I can’t wait until it’s implemented so everyone stops complaining. Unless, of course, you’re awesome like me, and you jailbreak your phone and run anything however you want…

  23. Dodo

    @Brad I already have an iPhone 3gs os 4.0… the software in that is better than that of iPad… and, in the price of iPad, you can get a normal, so-so assembled computer, like my friend has…it has 1 gb graphics, 2tb hdd, 4 gb ram, and 5 fan cpu… core i5, asus motherboard… so on.. i only needed a powerful pc for animation….
    I bought my phone yesterday..!!

  24. Duron

    @Brad “Course it doesn’t support Flash. Have you used Flash on a mobile device? It’s teh lawlz.”

    For us naive little peons can you give your opinion on why Flash won’t work on mobile devices/iphone?

    Thanks — Duron

  25. energetic008

    umm excuse my language but i wish i was old enough to have a job and could get one then when im about 25 or older (exucse prhohantity and innaporopraite language that follows) i can have a chick over not need a steroe or anything taking up room (more places to have fun on >:)) and whip it out from the couch cousion and play some mood music XD and get right down to buisness easy peasy!

  26. VerbatimEB

    OH! You can win a free ipad by signing up at the softcity cafe by 2-20-11 for a free membership. There is a brand new article there about Fancy Pants Adventures (just this morning). Hope you enjoy it… look in “Home & Hobbies” and “Articles.” It will be at the top until a new article is published in that category. I don’t know if I can put a link here so everyone is on their own to find it.

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