World 3 Report 3

Woot! We’re 3 for 3! This one went pretty well on the first go, so I didn’t have to redub this, hopefully it sounds a little more natural than the first 2, and hopefully that that’s actually a good thing.

A little less to show off in this one, I’m more looking for feedback this time around, so fire away!

(by feedback I mean what you think of everything in video, not new ideas, trust me I have too many ideas as it is :P)

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  1. wallross

    Ah well, we all make mistakes sometimes.
    Any info is better than none. At least I’ll be the first to comment on the post, cos everyone probably wont stay up for it…

  2. energetic008

    wanted to make suggestion…at time number 3:34 u should program tthose rock like things to move a little depending on how u land on em.. like if u land on the left edge way to hard or something its starts flipping in a circle that would be soo fun 🙂

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