What do you guys think of this?

bleh that link kind stunk so here’s the link from gonintendo . . .

Miles Edgeworth Investigations review coming soon . . .


  1. tehSemicolon

    First thoughts:
    1)Nintendo 3D? Without glasses? Awesome!!! But how are they going to do that? Is that going to lead to non-glasses 3d movies also?
    2)Stupid subscription based articles…I only got the first few lines :/
    3)The DS was the best? Although I guess there’s not many others…
    4)First comment!! 😛

  2. WJUK

    I saw this yesterday and frankly I’m sort of surprised they announced it this early. Especially considering the XL variant of the DS was just released not long ago.

    But man, do Nintendo know how to start a hype train.

  3. FairlyObvious

    Haha wallross did you just call the DS a girl gaming thing? Does that mean the Gameboy was a girl thing?
    I really don’t know any girls that owns a DS . . . I’ve never even seen a girl playing one . . . outside of me, hah.

  4. Brad

    @wallross: You’re more of a girl console.

    I got a PSP Go for Christmas and I think I’m almost halfway through all the games that were worth buying :/

    Edit – I hope that didn’t sound hostile…

  5. VideoGuy

    Seems to me like this fake-3D thing will either be the way of the future, or it won’t work at all and be a complete failure. It’ll be interesting to watch and see.

  6. FoonySlugminni


    @Wallross: Were you basing your interpretation of the DS on Nintendogs, or what? (I don’t NEED no Nintendogs.)

    BTW, Steven Spielberg is doing something with glasses-less 3D. He has been for a while now. So if a movie director could work to develop something like this, why can’t Nintendo?

  7. wallross

    @Foony Slugmini: Maybe. There are some good DS games, but when certain stuff that was built for the 360 and PS3 are brought onto a handheld like the DS, the final result turns out bad.

    GTA: Chinatown Wars is a good example of this. The entire GTA series as a whole was great, but it was never really meant to go handheld. It was either that or the overhead view that made it bad.

    @FO: It might just be the Australian culture, but practically every girl here owns a DS. And no guy would be caught dead using one.

  8. Brad

    Seriously? I thought Chinatown Wars was far more fun than GTA IV. Guess you never played the original GTA 1 and 2?

    Yeah, no idea there, because there’s probably 10 games worth owning on the PSP… You’d have a good deal of guys with nothing to do on their handheld…

  9. wallross

    @Slugmini: What do you mean shunned by a whole gender. Some guys play the DS, but the’re the ones with the adequacy issues.

    Its just the way the DS has been marketed here. All of the ad’s involve a female pop-star, so no wonder why guys don’t buy their console!

    @Brad: My little cousin has a PSP, and he barely even uses it. Moving to the handheld was a mistake for Sony.
    The thing with China Town Wars was, they broke the format. They went from doing third-person perspective to an overhead view.
    That was also why there was a lot of negative reception about Call of Duty WaW; It was too different from the first Modern Warfare.

  10. DaxterSpeed

    @Wallross: Saying that they broke the format for GTA is like saying that Mario should be in third person format and not in a side view format. Just because they’ve evolved, doesn’t mean that the olds ain’t better.

  11. FairlyObvious

    @Foony: Nintendo has always been pretty good with phasing things out so while there might be a change it doubt it would be jarring and leave your friend in the dust.
    It is crazy having stuff come out within a year of each other though.

  12. negativeinfinity

    considering the recent emphasis that nintendo has had on the social element of gaming (what with the dsiXL being bigger so as to share the experience), I do not think that it will involve eyeholes like the virtual boy. not that anyone implied that yet.

  13. Brad

    @negativeinfinity: Haha, well that much is a given. Though it’s a good point that 3d screens usually have a limited viewing angle (the opposite of the DS:XL). Though the current screens out there have I believe 6 different viewing angles, so you can be on the side of the screen, you just still have to be in the proper place. A bit harder to do when someone else is holding and moving the system…

  14. Carrot Bubble

    All the new features looks cool except for one – multiple paths in the level. The player will go through all of them anyway (to collect those grey spirals, or just to see what’s in there)
    It makes it a little annoying for the player when he has to return that many times (yes, he don’t have to, but he will anyway)
    I would think it over if I were you. Or if you really want to have it in there, don’t overdo it please.

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