World 3 Report 2

I was going to wait for the HD version to kick it, but that’s taking forever. Oh well. Enjoy!

And don’t forget to check out Toy Tanks!


  1. hamcheese362

    crap… you include the wall flip…. *crosses from checklist*… you know if you keep adding stuff, other (future) flashh game makers wont be able to make side scrollers without getting called biter and stuff… ๐Ÿ™ but im happy for u… congratulations, its coming out great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Brad

    Well the snail shell doesn’t work with the combat yet, so I haven’t played around with it in awhile. I suppose headbutts would be worth a good deal of points, though…

  3. Brad

    Oops, I might have been hiding that one, oh well…

    I believe the moves that involves finite resources do, like smacking baddies with the pencil. Other than that, it’s probably the ones that involves situations, like water stuff.

  4. wallross

    Brad, please don’t ruin this by adding a timer.
    Thats what I hated about the baddie run in ME2D. It would’ve been way better if you could have just ran through all of the evidence levels.

  5. Brad

    Well, my take on difficulty is that it should be there if you’re looking for it, but shouldn’t get in the way of exploring or just enjoying a game.

  6. Nyubis

    Very sweet moves, love the new walljumping.
    And what you say about your take on difficulty is very true. You could just rush through W2 easily in less than 30 minutes, or you could spend hours trying to get all the pants and throphies in one run.

  7. hidas

    Wow! You do realize people are going to obsess on getting a perfect score so much that they could do this level blindfolded? (That would be me). This looks awesome!

  8. hamcheese362

    ok… honestly i couldnt find anything wrong with it… it was great! hey brad, is there gonna be a plotline? (give us a clue?)

  9. Brad

    Yeah, scoring degrades drastically whenever you repeat a move, the timer also runs out much quicker if you raise your muliplier by doing moves (collecting those special squiggles doesn’t lower the timer). So doing a backflip over and over wouldn’t be nearly as effective as milking a single move longer (doing a long backflip or slide or wall slide). But that’s pretty much why you would need a timer while going for a high score, otherwise you could just do repetitive moves ove and over for as long as it takes and starting a new combo when the timer gets too short.

    Plotline starts with pirates. Which is epic. And the plotline continues, you don’t just get ice cream back from them at the end of game, heh.

  10. DaxterSpeed

    @Brad: I’d suggest having an option when unlocking that room, to turn on a timer. If the timer is on, you’re points will be submitted when it’s gone out. So if you do a whole lot of tricks in one minute, and the timer runs out, you will “end the current trick” and get your score submitted.

    And scores should be optional when playing normally.

  11. Hugh-Studios

    @Brad: I think it would be awesome to have a good story being told. Either way I’m sure we’re all gonna love W3 when it comes out.

    @Wallross: Waddya sayin?! cutscenes would be AWESOME!

    I really like the idea of the score counter. What would be cool (I think) is if you have a limited time in the room to pull off as many tricks as possible. That way we can compete for the highest score. (I’m not sure is this is what DaxterSpeed was talking about o.o)

    Another thing: Will there be new music? If so will it be similar to the music in W1-W2?

    Edit–limited time meaning you only have 5 minutes in the room. Then when time is up, your score is submitted and you leave the room. Eh?

  12. wallross

    @Hugh-Studios: Its a flash game. If you want plot, go read a book.

    Nowdays, people don’t even watch movies for the plot.

    If you look at the plot of World 2, what do you see, a rabbit stealing an ice cream.
    As Brad stated, it’s FPA, not Heavy Rain.

  13. Brad

    It’s an outline, that’s how my levels look for awhile, since it takes a good deal of time to ink them. If I didn’t show off levels while they’re still outlines, then you wouldn’t be seeing any new levels for awhile ๐Ÿ˜›

  14. Hugh-Studios

    @Wallross: Relax o…o And I read tons of books (should see my collection) which is why I’m wondering what the plot will be in W3.
    Something tells me your not good at competitive games. Well almost everyone else here would like a to submit their scores and see who has the best.

  15. wallross

    What do you mean. I just don’t like not being able to do stuff because theres a timer. I like competitive games, but when you have 30 seconds to do a massive task, it just takes all the fun out of it.

  16. Hugh-Studios

    @Wallross: You aren’t the only one who is gonna play this game but yes I do see your point and half of me agrees with you… but the other half wants to take the challenge >:D

    @hamcheese362: Hows this?

  17. hamcheese362

    :’) u guys are awsome. tnx. I’ve read a ot of drama on this site… its been fun so i decided to make an account. I saw john junner advertising for pivot so… erm… i would like to learn if it is any good… so i could download it before going to flash?… aside from that, did you forget to show us any other move, brad?

  18. Dodo

    Well, im waiting 4 d release, everyone must be… One thing, the floors of the game is soooo dirty, when we jump, all the dirt comes out, but when we jump again, the dust is still there… ๐Ÿ™‚

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