Toy Tank Arena!

Play Toy Tanks on

Borne Games mini release, created by my cousin, Matt Borne, inspired by Wii Play: Tanks. You can contact by email from the game, or by posting below.

Kongregate version is live (if posting awesome scores to Kongregate is your thing).


  1. fancypantsfan250

    Pretty neat. Does the difficulty only affect the life count or are other things affected? I played easy mode, noticed the 20 life reserve, and decided to switch to hard mode instead.

  2. FairlyObvious

    Legos and Tanks, mmmmmm, perfect.

    btw guys, please don’t post about the Progress Report on blog posts involving anything other then World 3. You can imagine how it can bother other people posting on the site, I personally get my feelings hurt when people do that on my blog posts =(

  3. educkface

    Thanks for all the nice comments, everyone!

    And yeah, the only differences between the difficulties are the amount of lives and that you cannot shoot yourself on easy mode.
    I will definitely try to make more differences among the difficulties if I end up making a second one though 🙂

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