World 3 Report 8

Posting this from the Newgrounds office. AfroNinja demonstrates a new level! Happy Pico Day!

Shot from my iPhone, but better than nothing!

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  1. wallross

    It depends what you call late. Most of the reports have come out 01:00 so, a late report would be like,05:00. About the only early report was no. 8, but it was just, plugin controller — bribe AN — film — upload — post.

  2. wallross

    So… Is the report happening? Or because of the Tank Awards, are we going to have to miss out. Or maybe for the progress report, could you put FPM in the header? It would take less time than editing and re-dubbing sound…

  3. hamcheese362

    some reazson i forgot to check for prog report 9. and it didnt come up… lolz this week i had to turn a project in late, and so did brad… but brad didnt get csi and a possible referal… HEY BRAD, ONLY PUT FPM IN THE HEADER ONCE FPA3 COME OUT!!!! OR ELSE YOU’LL GIVE A LARGE PART OF THE CAME AWAY!!!!!!!!!
    EDIT:ha iget to edit, you dont hahaaaa.
    2nd edit: hahaa

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