World 3 Report 10

Yay! A Monday night / Tuesday morning update!

And no I don’t know when it / a beta will be released!!! ANGRY FAIC


  1. TheKomputerGeek

    Too bad the parrot can’t dive bomb you…

    Nice report, though πŸ™‚

    …Wait, did you say…..

    Oh, you said more on-time…. for a second there I thought you said Moron Time…. :p

  2. fancy pants fiend

    okay so by “next week” do u mean next tuesday or when its supposed to happen this friday nice parrot but flash must be really hard and take a long time cause in 10+ days u got the parrot 90-95% done im not being sarcastic thats the reason why im not doing flash it is a super hard process

  3. hamcheese362

    nice i like the sword but it kinda comes out of nowhere and he’s not holding it with any thing… lollz i like da parrot geting spider its humorous.

    @FO: aftir ju feenech wit da remodeling house and stuff and stuff (jes’ 2 stuff) u can mack post amiritez

  4. FoonySlugminni

    I have yet to watch this video with audio, but by the looks of it, this game is just getting better and better! Enemies that pick up other enemies and drop them on you? It’s reminiscent of those birds that drop Bob-ombs, only better, since these are parrots with swords! Really looking forward to all these awesome little dynamics, they will really make the game more interesting and more fun overall! πŸ™‚

  5. FreedomForAll

    FairlyObvious, you married a true artist.

    Brad, what’s awesome is you love what you do. Not only are you getting paid to do it but you bring joy to others who play your games. Keep doing what you do.

    Sorry if I sound cheesy, I have had a fever for two days now and early this morning it got really bad.
    But now it’s beginning to break and I’m starting to pay attention to the little things in life. What funny is that my happy feelings are gonna end tomorrow xD. But yes I do mean every word I said at the top.

  6. hamcheese362

    Yes! i got responded to by both brad and FO. SCORE. XD (1st time i use that smiley… means ure special)
    @FO: Yeah even though i would have usually never played the game u were tlking bout before, i would still read it cuz ure reports r that bad-azz. which is a good thing. Yeah halo would be pretty cool but even BETTER would be GOW3 if you’ve played. I havent but u know, only you can decide what to do it on.
    @Brad:cool. the spider death animation is new right? cant say no CUZ I WENT BACK AND CHECKED. so hows squiggle ville? all we’ve gotten to see lately is forest and you fighting with blue wall behind. did u color in da ppl?
    @freeforall: lolz why r happy thoughts gonna end? get goodder soon.

  7. wallross

    @Brad: Are you sure that you’re not making the game just a little too hard for us.

    I think you need to keep in mind that, as you do playtests, you sorta become amazing at the game…

    • FairlyObvious

      @wallross Usually when he adds a new feature he hands me the keyboard, he tells me the bare minimum, and then let’s me go. He does a lot to make sure the game doesn’t get too difficult πŸ˜‰

  8. Brad

    @wallross: I promise that’s the first thing I think of when I add new features. You also have to remember that I’m showing most of them off at once. So you end up seeing the most advanced version of the baddies all working at once. Pirates don’t have to have parrots, there can be less spiders in the room, the player would be worked up into that situation. Areas of high baddie concentration would also be found more in optional bonus rooms than on mandatory paths.

  9. udontcme

    Dang, these reports keep getting better and better… I still can’t believe all the new features that will be in FPA3.
    And I think that the game should be hard, if it’s not then it will get boring if it’s to easy. I still loved the other games and still play them repetitively, but I think I would like them more if they had more baddies and more difficult scenarios.

  10. jesus_minime

    i wouldn’t be so sure, how bout you post up a speed run sometime of you beating it, and i’ll see if you know all my serious business short cuts.
    i happen to know one specific cut for level 5 that shaves off a good 15 seconds

  11. FoonySlugminni

    @Hamcheese: How dare you slap me! πŸ˜›

    @Jesus & Brad: Whoa whoa whoa… Brad MADE the game, how does Jesus expect to defeat him!? And Brad, do you think you’re going to put a “race your ghost” mode in W3? It would come in handy during times like these… I realize I’ve asked this before, but I just want to know. πŸ™‚

  12. Brad

    @jesus_minime: Psh, I INVENTED your serious business short cuts πŸ˜‰

    @FreedomForAll: MiniClip requested that, they have a good deal of non-English speaking traffic. Different licensers will sometimes request different things.

    @FreedomForAll: Step caves?

  13. jesus_minime

    @jesus_minime: Psh, I INVENTED your serious business short cuts
    lol, you invented them, but i’m sure intentionally.
    so far, all the speed runs I’ve seen don’t touch any of them.
    if i do make up a vid of them all in a speed run format, i don’t want to post it somewhere like on youtube so that everyone will be able to see it. i’ll have to post it privately so only you, and other bornegames-ies can see tehm. i wouldn’t want the world knowing all of the awesome. πŸ˜€

  14. jesus_minime

    just did an incredibly crappy run-through in 517.43… i know i can do better, because i made a lot of mistakes in this one.
    i’ll practice a bit and post something up in a few whiles.

  15. Brad

    jesus_minime: Sure, just a simple video on some new things I got the moving platform system doing.

    fancy pants fiend: YOU aren’t allowed to watch the video until Monday. Maybe Tuesday πŸ˜›

  16. FreedomForAll

    I’ve been reading the comments under the videos for a while now and I’m wondering if FPF is someone else previously known to be quite annoying and mean.

    Also can’t wait for the Prog Report today.

  17. fancy pants fiend

    u can do that brad lol u have some talent but i’m a fiend a fancy pants fiend so i always want more its my status a fiend anyway so let me guess the vid is coming next monday or tuesday am i right

  18. fancy pants fiend

    okay fairly obvious it was late 10 days i counted so shut tha hell up and freedom for all no one on this website knows me i think.

  19. FairlyObvious

    FP Fiend, I’m not trying to be mean here. You are wrong.
    Brad was supposed to post the video on 5/14, instead he posted it on 5/18, that’s four days. The video was four days late.

    If Brad posted the progress report for today (5/21) ten days late then he would post it on 6/1, not 5/25. Do you understand now?

    *hands hamcheese a lollipop* I hear these help coughs =D

  20. hamcheese362

    πŸ˜› FAIRLY IS DA BOMB. ha. fairly dislikes you ha-ha. na-n-na-n-naaa-naaaa *blows rasberry*.
    @fairly: wat is this, mango?

  21. FairlyObvious

    @hamcheese Nuh uh it’s strawberry orange, see the red swirl?

    btw I’m about to finish a game so there should be a new review coming from me soon. Mehbeh I should review Iron Man 2 while I’m at it =/

  22. jesus_minime

    omg yay! a new fairly review! what we all live for! πŸ˜›

    yeah, when i went to see iron man 2,
    i was impressed, not that it was the best movie ever, far from it!
    i wen’t to the theater with extremely low expectations. hence, i was impressed. i didn’t like iron man 1, and i a lot of iron man 2 i disliked for the same reason. the fight scenes were not emphasized nearly enough. another thing that bugged me was, there really wasn’t much of a “final moment of suspense”. iron man wins… that’s all there is too it.. he can’t lose, and action with no chance of the protagonist losing, isn’t really action at all. i liked iron man 2; it was better than iron man 1, but i will not be suggesting you go out to the theater and watch it right now. if your friend happens to own it, watch it, i don’t care. but don’t go out and buy/theater it.

  23. hamcheese362

    um ok… thats uhh… good for you. i think FPF left the premises…quik brad! HAND ME THE SWORDS TO CLOSE THE VILLAGE GATES! *slice*… i’m sorry
    hey brad r u working on the report or waiting for the right time??? cuz my lollipop’s almost done and i cant afford to go bankrupt right now.

  24. hamcheese362

    no wallross. we cannot. fairly are u still accepting fan art?
    lolz here’z a song that was supposed to finish on “brad is the bomb”, but my brain shorted out….
    *rap beat*
    Fairly’s reviews are back
    and thats cool
    cuz she has a cat

    she stopped making the reviews
    when brad had made some

    of the fancy pants adventure
    not 1, not 2, but three
    but fairly came to her senses
    and was finally able to see

    *gasps for air*
    hot wheelz, BEAT THAT!
    well here’s my “on topic” question… brad i don’t get wut code is… can you tell me how it works? cuz i might just blow up if you dont. PANDA BEAR FTW!!!!

  25. BloodyJack

    wow when i saw the parrot turn into the spider i thought ‘what the…???’ then brad explained it and i got relieved… phew! no parror-spiders in the actul game, please! thnx!
    @FairlyObvious can i have a lollipop too, please???

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