World 3 Report 11

A look at the new advanced mechanics added to World 2’s boring old moving platform system. And a revisit of a more polished parrot. And a glitch related to something I haven’t even shown off yet, oh joy!

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  1. Dirrwen

    *everyone blows up i sit there blowing bubbles, watching the sunset

    i win!!!!! and thats final!, cuz aint no one body commin back from being rage-sploded by….. Teh Dirrwenator!!!!! * bum bumbummmm*
    yay me !!!!

    i actually am hyped up on suger, i just had cotton candy AND a giant pixie stick!!!!!!!!

  2. DigThat

    Wow. You guys are weird.
    Ah, whatever. Might as well join in.
    *Gets FANCY PANTS MAN to jump on everyone’s heads, then stab them in the face with a pencil. Then brings all the lollipops back to DigThat, who trades them in for a nice banana.*
    I defy you to defeat the un-defeatable. He’s far too fancy to be blown into dust by a rage explosion. 🙂

  3. FreedomForAll

    *sitting on the rail road for a week and no train comes.*

    *must destroy hamcheese, grabs RPG-7 and fires at him*

    *throws digthat off a cliff* YOU MUST LEARN THE WAYS OF THE EDIT BUTTON

    *builds citadel in the middle of nevada*

    *launches nuke at dirrwen for trying to blow meh up >:( *

  4. jesus_minime

    @FFA: AVENGE! not Revenge… hammy”s already dead! remember? we’re trying to get digthat and dirrwen BECAUSE they killed hamcheese. hammy is teh friend!
    ‘ny way…

    *redirects spartains at dirrwen*
    *pulls batteries out of all my remotes to replace the lack of battery in the death star*
    *aims death star at fairly*


    *quickly un aims at fairly*
    “sorry, you looked like DS for a sec, it’s amazing how much you two look alike when you’re on the internet. ;P”

    so, ummmm…. how bout light sabers too, and can we use the force?

  5. FreedomForAll

    JM… I must teach you the ways of the force… and yes we get light sabers.

    OMG HAMMY IS DEAD o_o … so much quieter now…

    I guess… we attack digthat?

    EDIT: scratch that, everyone attack fpf… he doesn’t watch the freaking videos >.> if he did he would know that Brad isn’t going to release a demo/beta anytime soon.

    *grabs beer bottle and smashes it on a table*

  6. jesus_minime

    49 bottles ‘o beer!
    take one down, pass it around, 48 bottles ‘o beer!
    …. uh…. i mean…… i shouldn’t know this song….

    *smashes the remaining 48 “bottles ‘o beer” on the table*



  7. FreedomForAll


    *smashes hammy with table* ZOMBIE!!!!!!

    *freezes hamcheese and smashes him into pieces* oh god… OH GOD, WHAT HAVE I DONE!!?!

    *hides the pieces in the floorboards*

    nothing to see here… nothing to see here…

    *runs outside to random person a couple houses away* NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG!!!

  8. hamcheese362

    *Random person turns around and reveals face which is hammy’s face, then fuses with jm and kamehameha’s the crap out of everyone*

    @jm: is the shortcut one where you skip the pipe?

  9. hamcheese362

    @JM: i know a shortcut on da 1st lvl dat saves ju ONE second. PWNED.

  10. jesus_minime

    @ hamcheese:
    just keep practicing, i can usually do it without even letting the snailshell touch the ground. i just bounce it 3 times and pop it in the hole. if you can work on that for a while, hopefully you’ll be able to shave off about 5 or 6 seconds.

    omg, r u fur seriously?

    anyway, back to out incredibly silly game of “BG battle”.

    *captures Bigfoot and builds yeti training camp*
    *breeds the bigfoot with a unicorn*


  11. Dirrwen

    i give up cuz i haz a feelinz dat every time i try to win ( and clearly succeed ), everyone else will, per say, somehow TELEPORT TO THA MOOON!!!!! after just being dirragesploded, and then cheat summore and win ( in their eyes), no matter wat else happenz to dem, like DYING
    on that note, why cant we quit these silly games and all be friendly fans of brad

  12. FreedomForAll

    Well atm the water level is going down a bit and we managed to clear out about 400 lbs (not much at all) of rubble… in the end there is still tons of work to be done, HOWEVER, we have 7 cameras in this cave for “security” reasons (I don’t know why, is someone gonna steal some rocks?) and we have some cool footage of the cave-in.

    Dirrwen never one… at all… its all about imagination.

  13. DigThat

    wallross makes us feel bad… 🙁
    You’re doing great, Brad. lol sorry for encouraging the madness…
    Anyway. Back to legit feedback.

  14. jesus_minime

    wow, *facepal, facepalm, facepalm, facepalm*

    i am such a retard.

    last night, at about 12:11, i looked down at the clock on my computer. “12:11 am fri 28 2010″i’m like “wait, Friday? progress report! yay!”. naturally I assumed it was Friday night and brad was late releasing the report… so i post… i wake up today and realize, it’s not Saturday. 😯
    i seriously need to think things through more!

  15. Dirrwen

    wow maybe i SHOULD stop asterik warring on a game site because everyones a jerk to the new guy anyway, and i have a LIFE, yknow, like, having friends off of a website and doin stuff with my famiy, and have a girlfrind, instead of being an asterik warring nerd, disgracing the face of brad, a great game maker, ‘s
    website where we’re supposed to post comments about THE VIDEOS HE RELEASES WEEKLY and give constructive criticism
    -dirrwen out. fo eva. *pow*

  16. jesus_minime

    for ever?
    sorry too see you leave so soon.
    we normally- sometimes, have normal conversations. but other times this place just evolves into the forum. we weren’t trying to offend you by out little ” games”, it was all in fun. sorry to scare you off already. as DS said, “it was just silly”, not intentionally harmful. please don’t feel in any way that we wan’t you to leave.

  17. fancy pants fiend

    fine no fine actually i don’t no why wedensday but maybe u shoulded gone wit something more like FRIDAY like u said.

  18. Brad

    Heh, just realized that I left this comment on the wrong post:

    ‘Bout to record, eating some dinner at the moment.

    Jeez, I think this is the first time I’ve been this far behind catching up on the comments, you guys talk too much :P’

    And if by ‘wedensday’ you mean in about an hour, than sure.

  19. FairlyObvious

    btw I almost ruined the Progress Report while Brad was recording because I almost laughed when Maya decided to bring me one of Brad’s socks . . .

  20. Dirrwen

    omg double post not a good way to start. again
    *mini lesson: inflected begginings(prefixes) are a sequence of letters in front of a word to change its meaning. example of one above, as i said start again, which would be restart, if inflectedly began*
    lol anyways edit button broke and i had anoter thought to say, but now i forgot, soooo…
    oh yeah!: about having a ife, i now realize that part of mine is this site and mah buddies on it.

    soooo, after mah flamin, you can all think of me as the wierd kid who is emotionally unstable sometimes and cant take jokes and
    cries about it and shots mah brainz out. srsly, u should see my brain replacement surgery scars, cuz tis happnz alot.

  21. klimtkiller

    cool ideas for rooms, Brad. I have 2 ideas myself for world 3. 1. i looked through some fan art, and saw a room with ornaments from world 2 in it. there could be something like that in world 3. 2. there could be a cave with a hidden passage in it, with a strange, little passage in it, leading to a secret room with – lets say the heads of all the bosses you’ve killed so far (if there are a few bosses instead of one.)(more bosses would be super cool!) or(and) a warp hole to an extra level. when you’ve finished with it, there can be a door leading back to the cave. back at the menu, there could be a sign saying that you’ve entered the secret warp hole.

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