E3 ’10 Predictions!

We all know that E3 doesn’t REALLY start until Nintendo’s conference, but I’m still wasting some time before Microsoft gets to show me their version of casual gaming with a terrible product name: (Insect! Er, Knicted! or something… ), so here are my predictions for this year’s E3, and a place where we can all talk about the stupid things that all 3 companies do!

Getting the obvious out of the way:

– Kinect is a stupid word.
– Gears of War 3 will be shown, I’m hoping it’s more like GoW1 and less like 2.
– Kinect / Natal still looks silly.
– Milo will be back and creepy as ever.
– Halo: Reach campaign will be shown, and will be awesome.

– Zelda will totally be sweet and I might forgive Nintendo for 30 minutes of sales charts because of it.
– Pikmin 3 will rock.

– Everyone in the media will instantly forget they ever played Wii Sports Resort and pretend like Move is something new.

Less obvious guesswork:

– MS will try to show some core games working with Nat…Kinect, using a controller while also tracking body lean and head movement.
– bunch of core game sizzle trailers to make us feel like us real gamers haven’t been forgotten.
– MGS Rising footage for the omgz the Xbox has MGS! Shock value
– Connect Fit, nuff said.

– Wiimote pointer controlled Starfox.
– New Retro game (though IGN’s insisting that it’s a new Donkey Kong game, which wouldn’t have been my first guess…).
– Zelda Wii controls super awesomely and is very beautiful.
– 3DS totally owns PS3’s version of 3D for the sole reason that it doesn’t require stupid glasses and a screen that’s unviewable to anyone not wearing them (not needing to buy a whole new TV is a plus, too).

– Going to try very very hard that Wii isn’t 300 times better than Move at FPS games.
– Another Play, Create, Share game? I dunno.
– PSP2 will have 2 analogue sticks… Probably…

Update: I’m pretty sure the 3DS will be able to play virtual console games (not sure if it’ll be the same store or separate, since it would require different emulators, hoping it would just be the same, like the PSP and PS3), but the 3DS SHOULD be able to play n64 games in 3d, since it’s emulating them, and there’s not all that many on the store, so it wouldn’t be hard to test them all.

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  1. jesus_minime


    oh, so epic mickey IS going to epic, i see. i only watched one short level play through and didn’t even watch the whole thing. it look pretty sweet, i just wasn’t sure how good the game was overall. and yes, the first 4 ratchet and clank games are the best. i don’t even bother with the new ones.. mostly because i can’t afford a ps3. 😛
    so i guess i’ll be picking up a copy of epic mickey next time i’m in micro play (because i hate gamestop/ebgames)

  2. Nats M. Sky

    @Minifig3D: I offer my belated thanks. I thought that video you made was awesome and I want to know how you did it! Also, I know how to use Google, it’s just that when I searched E3, it still didn’t exactly tell me what goes on there or exactly what kinds of “Electronic Entertainment” are discussed. Nor did it explain why Microsoft and Nintendo are actually going to be in a conference together, which sounds pretty hilarious to me. Maybe I’m just not nerdy or old enough to get all of this. (I’m only 13 after all!)

  3. Brad

    @Frubban: You understand that you can’t physically get a ViewMaster to play a game, right? 😛

    @jesus_minime: One of the best minds in gaming, licensing one of the best characters in animation, working with one of the best companies in video games, leaking some of the best nightmare-fuel concept art ever, with one of the most interesting plot lines… I don’t think it’s a game to write off, even if they’ve only showed a few simple levels so far, heh.

    @Nats M. Sky: Needz moar IGN and gonintendo in your life.

    @FoonySlugminni: You mean him? Watch out for that link, the rest of the early concept art is easily some of the creepiest stuff I’ve seen (and this is the internet we’re talking about!).

  4. Brad

    @Frubban: The tech behind the virtual boy is awesome, no doubt (it actually uses an array of LEDs, and vibrating mirrors to swipe them back and forth in order to form images), but again, stereoscopic 3D done when glassesless, single screen was impossible. The Virtual Boy failed miserably, simply because THIS implementation of 3D wasn’t possible back then (helps that the 3DS can render impressive true 3D polygonal scenes, too).

  5. Eiphos

    whoa”’z so many comments. Oh btw Is Brad Borne Canadian?? he sounds canadian.Lolz anyway world three looks good i cant get past the stupid Rabbit In world 2 tho.. keep on dying FAIL!! 😛 anyway how can there be a gamers christmas? like uhh how! WOOT go the Age of 13 yeaah..

    • FairlyObvious

      @Brad is American, born and raised in Louisiana 😛
      Dunno how he sounds Canadian, then again the canadians I’ve met don’t really sound overtly Canadian I guess, so idk :-/

  6. Eiphos

    Hmm.. well i have a csnadian friend so idk if brad is…. Just finished world 2 fancy pants game :L lol finally. seriously that rabbit is annoying!!! haha 😛

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