Alright guys, to try to simultaneously fan the flames and squash hopes at the same time here.

So as you’ve probably noticed, I’m super busy right now, which is bad for the weekly reports, but trust me, is very good for World 3 (a combination of working on really cool later levels, in addition to ???).

As for the beta / demo, got a few awesome surprises brewing right now that will be out first, so that’s still a bit of a ways off.

Going to try go get a video up this Friday (today?), but we’ll see, more important serious business to attend to first.

What could be a-brewing, though? Hmmmmm…

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  1. Miss Little Girl

    OK, how old are we all? are we all mini geeks pushing brad on a wall to make a report?
    EDIT: lol, if i go to the door i enterd in, and click it twice, once when i go in, and agian when i come out, two doors swing open, lol

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