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  1. Brad

    @ICARAX: I’m probably partial to the 360 overall, mainly I really like Halo (Reach is a definite improvement, except for the multiplayer levels, bah), but the ps3 has Valkyria Chronicles, MotorStorm, Uncharted, and more diverse games in general (though Nintendo kicks their butts as far as ‘unusual’ games go). 360’s online setup and menus are better to, though they keep making them worse and worse every system update, so who knows, they might be terrible in a year or so, heh.


    @Brad: Me too!! well, i dont exactly have a 360, but i have played it alot, and i think its a lot better then ps3. The only thing i dont like about Xbox is that they dont have mario games, sure they are kinda kiddie, but some are real fun (like mario kart or brawl, but brawl isnt only mario, but watever)! But if i get a 360, (im hoping i do) i will be able to play mario games on my wii. i like halo reach too! its fun. have you played the first halo? i played it with my neighbor, (1 player just me) and i just kept on killing my own people, but then the people would outnumber me and kill me. I didnt understand though, because i was the only hope of ending a war (i think). but reach is soooooo much better. I love the multiplayer online. its pretty good! but one of two main music songs for halo 2 called Blow me Away by Breaking Benjamin ( I love that band!) should have been put back onto reach and all the halo’s after the second, because the song was so good. At least, thats just my opinion.

    EDIT: Brad wait! one last thing. im not sure if you saw my “thought” on what you could do to the header. Well, i said that if you added the pencil, that you could make spiders drop randomly from the sky and you would have to use the pencil to kill them giving the pencil a use. AND there should be like a button, turn off falling spiders, and turn on falling spiders. lol. but it would be cool. :mrgreen: ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜€ tell me what you think of it. thanks!

  3. peterw

    + 1 more vote for spider pencil testing
    also voting for Xbox vs PS ends after 7 more comments then I add up all the votes including mine which is xbox science the new kinect is plain awesome and what PS did with those controllers is a rip off from Wii

  4. DaxterSpeed

    @Brad: While you were out doing stuff, I’ve been cleaning your forums. I now demand a lollipop.

    Oh, and I will probably contact FO about a “Forum Conduct and Rules” / “Forum Guidelines” cleanup. There’s a lot of stuff we should have in that thread, and even though it got a lot of nostalgia, we’ll still need to:
    – rewrite the rules so they’re shorter and more clear
    – add a short help section / start a help thread that will be stickied (forum HTML)
    – somehow make my post of single subject topics shorter and easier to follow if you’ve just joined this forum.

    Also, way to lazy to actually email you about this.

  5. peterw

    like fallout, fallout 1 and 2 were plain rpg games byt themn suddenly fallout 3 is a 1st person shooter
    also more people like xbox then ps, yay!!!!

    • FairlyObvious

      I’m going to review the new Professor Layton next but I was wondering if we could take it to a vote for which system I’d play on next. If you have a game request also throw that in there.


    @Fairly: when it comes out, are you going to review fancy pants adventures??…. or will brad do it? And i think on wordpress, admins can make polls. But you have to be an admin. (actually, my friend made a wordpress site (hes a cpu genius) and i think he made a few polls)


    @peterw: wow… my idea made 204 votes!! come on Brad, what do you say? everyone likes the idea! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Vick

    @Peterw: “what PS did with those controllers is a rip off from Wii” your precious controller that almost every 360 owner raves about is basically a bloated white DualShock with a horrible d-pad and poorly placed left analog stick, and Kinect was effictivly done years ago with the EyeToy and little beings we call Lemmings, so the camera motion control is nothing new either (well, it was in the early 2000’s but it’s already 2011 almost). My point is that you shouldn’t go around blabbing insults without, at least, checking up on your info first.

    Oh, and the Wii is nothing new either, the Intel chip that runs it is a modified Apple II chip (google it) and the motion controllers are little more than Cabela “Big (insert game-animal here) Hunter” guns in very little pieces of white PVC (yes, Nintendo still uses it).

  8. Vick

    (I’ve already typed this comment and I’ve read it over so I want to preface it buy saying A) it’s 6:30am and I’ve had no sleep since 11am the day before [and even that was very little, about 4 hours] so my brain is doing everything but working and B) I’ve seen it happen before, my friend used to work for Bon Jovi and Mr. Jon Bongoivi [he actually gave them the idea for the long hair, theirs was short before he came along] from 1982 to late ’83 and got fairly close to them [as would be expected], but he had to be let go when BJ signed with the record label [which was reasonable]. If they were to see him today, they would have to be reintroduced, I have no doubt in my mind. Sooo, I’m pretty sure you see the point, it’s easier to forget than one might think, ect.):ย 

    ย Wow Brad, it’s nice to see that something you made is giving you the attention you deserve on the international scale (hey if iHop can put a restaurant in Canada and be internat then this defiantly is), and as I think about how I’ve had conversations with the person who (obviously) will go on to make bigger and bigger games, probably even the biggest thing in gaming since the PS2, I have to ask (I’m paranoid) that when you inevitably become the next CliffyB or Will Wright (I almost said Myamoto but he went off the deep end at some point, seriously, Wii Music?) please don’t forget about the original Flash/BorneGames fans who’ve stuck with you through the early days and waited eagerly for all the World 3 reports, even the ones with only a barely animated jelly-fish and frog to keep us pacified for the next 9 days till you have another smattering of info to keep us busy for the next 14 days. Please. (Like I said, I swear I’m not usually like this and I don’t think you’d forget but I’ve seen it happen all to often when people swore they wouldn’t forget and did forget for me not to at least ask.)

    • Brad

      @Vick: Haha, I have no idea where to start with that comment. I’m withholding judgement on Miyamoto until Pikmin 3 and Zelda come out, though…

      And all you guys are awesome. Trust me, there’s no way I could express how grateful I am to everyone who’s been behind me all this time.

  9. Vick

    @brad So does salt, but you don’t see anyone defending it DO YOU!?!?!? Oh, and if I actually got any good games for our Wii I might like it more, then again I just bought a PS2 so I’m kinda low on funds.

  10. FairlyObvious

    Hey, I thought Wii Music looked cool. I was absolutely fascinated by it and think it would be an amazing thing to get young kids. No it’s not for the 13+ crowd, but I could definitely see some young kids getting into it at a slumber party. Then again I think I know a few frat boys that could probably get into it too . . .
    Only Miyamoto could get away with doing something like that, period.
    And the Wii has tons of games that are worth playing. Okami rocked amazingly on the Wii even though it was originally for PS. De Blob was an awesome game, A Boy and His Blob was a good game (reminded me of NES game Little Nemo), Super Paper Mario, and oh gosh that reminds me I need to get back into Mario Strikers. That game is awwweeeesome.

  11. ICARAX

    you should get Black OPS peterw.

    @everyone: oh!!! when i first joined, i thought there was a glitch when you held up, and you tried to wall run. Well i figured it out. It isnt a glitch!!!! if fall onto a wall, but you want to wall run, hold up, so you will hold on and run up the wall! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ :mrgreen:

  12. ICARAX

    brad, is there gonna be anything exiting on thanksgiving by chance? and can you tell me what you think of spiderpencil testing? i just got an idea!! you should have a secret level, where there is just spiders falling from the sky, and you have to get them with a pencil! and there should be marker writing, “Get ’em!” or… “shoot ’em out of the sky with your pencil!” or…. actually, get ’em sounded cooler. but yea, you get the picture. i hope. but please respond! please!! ๐Ÿ˜€ :mrgreen:

  13. Brad

    @ICARAX: I don’t know how much new info we’ll be talking about before the end of the year, but I’ll still be around.

    Chances are I’ll put the pencil in when we start showing off combat. Maybe. We’ll see. If y’all are good and eat your veggies.

  14. Sedition

    Congratulations! This really has the scope to become a classic game!

    I realise you can’t say much at this point, but what sort of size/scope do you have in mind for the game? For example, are you looking at building something akin to the Golden Era Mario/Sonic classics? An 8 World FPA game would be amazing!

  15. Brad

    Well, all the levels are hand drawn, with a bunch of backgrounds, so they take a while to make. There’ll be many more than World 2, but it’s not the hundred or so from classic games. Actually, Sonic didn’t really have that many levels, did it?

    We’re going for very ‘dense’ levels, though. There’s a lot of secrets in each, and a lot of not so secret stuff in each, giving you a lot to do.

    And a few surprises on top of that…

  16. Vick

    @wingdemon: I think I’d rather have gone the nostalgic route (as I did) over getting something I’d probably never play anyway (plus I get to play Battlefront II, Burnout 2, Wallace and Grommit: in project zoo [awesome game], and a host of other games I’m playing almost daily cuz I got another PS2 and thus have the hardware to play ’em). In addition to not liking the fact that I think Nintendo is slowly scamming every Wii fan: First came the original hardware, then came MotionPlus for $20 each (something that coulda and shoulda been standard on every controller), then comes WiiHD at the new price of $300 (But wait, you can rebuy all your old Wii games in shiny new HD for $30, and all gamecube games “have” to be rebought on “special” New Play Control-GCHD discs if you want to continue to play those games, also for $30), then WiiHD will finially get a 50GB stand alone hard-drive for $50, then the process starts all over with the next system they come up with (Uss? uSS?) except the eventuall upgrade will be from HD to 3D (meanwhile Sony will be playin with HoloTV and Microsoft will try Star Wars esq. droids so that your Live Avatars can have their own life).

    And I hate the Wii controller.

  17. ICARAX

    DavisMouse: oh….. is that why he isnt responding to me? : ๐Ÿ˜ฎ but i understand… but for the header it would be nice to keep us from getting bored.

    @vick: why do you hate the wii controller!? its great!

  18. BadComedy

    @Brad Brad when you get ultimate acclaim and if you plan to start your own game company. May I suggest the company name ReBorne Games.

  19. Strenux

    Brad like I said before I’m pretty sure that this will be an amazing game. But in all my life I haven’t ever seen a game that doesn’t have concepts taken from other games, and FPA is no exception. You even said yourself that you took some ideas from Limbo. FPA, with all do respect, doesn’t deviate very much from 2D platformers in general, the main difference to me is that FPA involves a bit more vertical and free-flowing gameplay. So with that in mind I wanted to know: What type of feeling, or style do you try to convey when you design the aspects of FPA, that make it different from other games, in your opinion? Thanks.

    • FairlyObvious

      @Strenux – I’ve never heard Brad mention taking ideas from Limbo, where did you hear that? He thought it was a good game . . . that’s all I heard about it.
      Brad was working on and had finalized much of World 3 long before Limbo was even released.

  20. Strenux

    @FairlyObvious I’m pretty sure that in one of his reports he says that he took some inspiration from way the Limbo character, jumps onto ledges and possibly some other platforming animations. The one where Fancy Pants Man jumps onto a ledge and his feet scrub against the side of the ledge. I can’t remember the report exactly but he did mention Limbo, and that new animation being connected. Also he finalized World 3? Do you guys know when he’ll release it?

  21. ICARAX

    @romanabassid:yea, i am at your house, right? i am not annoying!!!

    @everyone: who saw the new Harry potter part 1? i wanna see it.

  22. BE FANCY

    @ ICARAX I just saw the premire yesterday. It was fantastic, their acting has really improved. It was a very intense and dramatic movie with a few parts that make you gasp and your heart jump, and it’s sad at the end… Yeah the special effects and all that were awesome, and it was really clear (i mean you could see every single detail in like ultra high def) which was good. A lot of stuff happened and there were a few laughs, although to me it seemed like the movie was over way too soon. Overall, it was AMAZING, Yeah go see it in the cinema it’s definitely worth it. ๐Ÿ˜€ :mrgreen:

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